10 best UK fans would love to see in the MCU

Phase 4 is being introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which means that a wide range of new heroes will join the ranks of the Avengers or maybe even form their own teams. Until now, the MCU has been largely based on characters living in North America.

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However, with a vast world of other Marvel Comics lore to explore, there are plenty of other places that this big screen landscape can build from. Britain is home to some of the most inventive and intriguing heroes in comics. These characters are brought to the fore of the source material again with titles such as Excalibur and The union; Maybe that’s a sign of what’s to come in the MCU.

ten The black Knight

Dark knight attacking with his sword.

The Dark Knight is one of Marvel’s oldest heroes and has been a villain in the past as well. A notable Avenger and a character who has been framed on both the good and the evil side, a version of Black Knight may already be on his way to the MCU.

It seems like Game of thrones Actor Kit Harington to play Black Knight in Marvel’s Eternal. The trailer first showed fans the character, assuming Harington will play the Dane Whitman iteration of the hero.

9 Union Jack

Union Jack Marvel Comics

One of Marvel’s most iconic heroes across the pond is Union Jack, another character who was a part of the Avengers and is a true veteran of the game. He is currently trying to lead the Union, a brand new group of british heroes, in a new ongoing title.

The character has a long history in the comics as well, given that the original iteration was part of the Howling Commandos; James Montgomery Falsworth is already appearing in the MCU as the character’s ancestor. The best-known version is the current Joseph Chapman.

8 Britannia

Britannia fights a symbiote dragon in The Union # 1.

Britannia is a recent hero who was built with a solid legacy despite her seemingly unhappy fate. The hero has been billed as one of Britain’s most experienced warriors, having protected the nation for many years despite his youth.

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As the original leader of the Union, she has clearly proven to be an expert and extremely competent tactician with this kind of responsibility. As Marvel begins to develop its international hero scene, Britannia is an exciting addition that could quickly make a big impact.

7 Psylocke

Psylocke will be well known to fans as a mutant and member of the X-Men, having previously appeared onscreen outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her story is much more complicated than that since Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock is the twin sister of Brian Braddock, Captain Britain.

Psylocke has taken on the role herself on numerous occasions and the two have formed the backbone of the team known as Excalibur. The Telekinetic Warrior is a vital part of the British superhero tapestry and has enormous potential for adaptation to the big screen.

6 Captain Brittany

Captain Britain Corps Psylocke

The other notable Captain Britain is Brian Braddock, whose ancestor may have already been mentioned by Agent Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Braddock embodies everything it is to be a hero and in many ways is the British reflection of Captain America.

He’s taken on a number of other pseudonyms over the years, including Black Knight, interestingly, and is one of the nation’s most vital heroes; one that is extremely important to bring to the screen if Marvel goes down this path. He’s been involved in countless intriguing stories, from being a Crusader to creating his own Captain Britain Corps.

5 Merlin

Merlin Marvel Comics

The magical side of the Marvel Universe is about to explode thanks to the combination of Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange. With Morgana Le Fay having already played in Marvel’s Runaways it would not be too surprising to see another English myth appear.

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Merlin has played an important role in Marvel history, helping some of Britain’s greatest heroes navigate their way through any mystical issues they may face. Described in a typical wizarding fashion, Merlin is one of the most powerful wizards in all of Marvel and would be great fun to see on screen.

4 Bloodstone

Marvel is home to monsters, it is certainly well known. Of course, the MCU is already gearing up for the vampire hunter known as Blade, who also has British origins in the comics. There may be room for another, the Bloodstone family.

Although her father is also a well-known beast slayer, it is Elsa Bloodstone who is the most interesting part of the family’s legacy. As a full-fledged monster hunter, it would be a pleasure to see her brought alongside Blade or perhaps a character like Morbius.

3 Spider-United Kingdom

The Spider-Verse appears to be in the foreground as the multiverse, in general, is about to explode in the MCU. Fans are speculating on which versions of Web-Head might appear in future episodes of Spidey, but one addition that might be worthwhile is Spider-UK.

One of the many Spider-Men across the multiverse, he’s another Braddock who protects the UK using his web-sling abilities. With a great costume and a compelling narrative as the rookie begins to learn the ropes, there is definitely a place for Spider-UK on the big screen.

2 fire eater

SPitfire Marvel Comics

There are very few speedsters in the Marvel Universe. With Quicksilver having already been killed onscreen, there is certainly room for a new person to represent these kinds of abilities. The British hero Spitfire could be the answer in this case.

Another member of the Falsworth family and therefore already linked to the MCU, she was initially introduced as a member of the Invaders, effectively replacing Union Jack. His legacy is therefore extremely long and such an iconic hero could perfectly suit Phase 4.

1 Excalibur

Faiza Hussain Excalibur

Excalibur could refer to several different things. It could be the aforementioned X-Men spinoff team serving in Britain; it could be the famous sword of mythology. However, there is also a character called Excalibur who uses this large blade.

Dr Faiza Hussain is a healer and fighter, wielding the famous sword in battle after receiving Merlin’s gift. She’s one of Marvel’s most compelling modern heroes and is definitely on the verge of becoming a megastar. She is also a member of MI-13, the heroic spy group that protects the UK from unknown threats.

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