24% want this discontinued Burger King item to make a comeback

24.41% of 590 respondents want ribs to come back to Burger King. At first it may seem strange. However, it’s even stranger that Burger King hasn’t brought back its ribs since their debut in 2010.

It’s hard to overstate the sheer success Burger King has had in offering baby back ribs. As Time Magazine raved in 2010, “June brought us the Burger King experience with pork ribs, which turned out to be such a spectacular hit that the chain sold 10 million and ran out of ribs. one week before planning to end the limited time offer. ” The reason, the article cynically suggests, is that “the ribs have not been three times removed from their animal origins.” In other words, the ribs were real food and therefore tasted better than the processed dishes that are typically found in fast food chains.

Despite its success, Burger King has not revived its ribs. The closest decision he made was gifting a rib sandwich that CNN said looked too much like the legendary McRib not to make any comparisons stand out. The best explanation why Burger King hasn’t tried to step up their food again is that it’s overpriced. In their review of the ribs, Brand Eating was “pleasantly surprised by the workmanship, but put off by the tiny size for the price”. If people want better, cheaper ribs, there are countless places to find them.

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