37% agree that it is the worst sandwich in Arby’s

While another chicken item, the Classic Roast Chicken Sandwich, received 10% of the votes from poll participants, it wasn’t just the poultry options that made the list. Second in line for the “worst sandwich” crown was Corned Beef Reuben, which 22.19% of respondents hated the most. In third place was the Beef n ‘Cheddar, a simple sandwich loaded with roast beef, cheddar cheese sauce and a “tangy red ranch” (via Arby’s website), with 15% of the vote. Even the alluring-sounding Smokehouse Brisket, which features smoke overload thanks to the sliced ​​smoked brisket, smoked gouda, and smoked barbecue sauce (via Arby’s), was not immune to public judgment. It received 9.53% of the respondents’ votes.

The option that at least displeased with people turned out to be one of the brand’s classics – the aptly named Classic Roast Beef sandwich. Only 5.78% of survey respondents named the staple as the worst sandwich on Arby’s menu. Given that the classic roast beef features nothing but a sesame seed bun and a bunch of finely chopped roast beef (via Arby’s website), it looks like the fast food chain could excel when she keeps it simple. Of course, if you’re looking to improve your order, you can always go for the double or half-pound versions of the classic roast beef for a truly carnivorous creation.

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