5 things we love about Rainforest Café at Disney Springs

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Disney Springs offers guests a variety of shopping opportunities, entertainment venues and, of course, dining options. Disney Springs offers many ways to just relax. Unlike theme park day, a day at Disney Springs can involve sleeping late and exploring different dining options. Now a large Rainforest Cafe location exists at Disney Springs. This restaurant chain receives a lot of reviews from theme park food bloggers. Still, there are many bands that have reason to love this place.

  1. THEME

You know, theme park food bloggers, you might not like Rainforest Café in many ways… but you can’t deny that the restaurant has style. The exterior of the site looks well themed. The exterior features a theme park version of a volcano on the exterior. This “volcano” is even more beautiful at night! Rainforest Cafés offer a lot of entertainment and other similar entertainment in their restaurants. Rainforest Café never emanates from a boring standard dining experience. Some guests visit primarily to enjoy the indoor animatronics.


Rainforest Café is part of the Landry Restaurant operation. If you join Landry’s Select Club, you get priority seats, birthday rewards, and more rewards. Priority seating privileges can sometimes get you a table well ahead of the people who booked.


Now there are exceptions to this claim, but most kids love this place. If you’re struggling to entertain a kid in a restaurant, Rainforest Café saves the day. The children’s menu offers ten different choices of starters and seven sides. The children’s menu here features two desserts priced at $ 3.99. All of the standard coloring pages help the child’s experience. Nevertheless, the thematic elements of animatronics and the rainforest will guide your child’s gaze. If that fails, there are plenty of animal exhibits to browse. Some Disney rope fall experts often visit the Rainforest Café, or similar places, in Disney Springs because their kids love it.


If you fancy a certain type of cuisine, Rainforest Café probably sells it. The menu recommends typical bar style appetizers, soups / salads, pasta dishes, seafood, burgers, sandwiches, plant-based dishes, steaks, ribs and even stir-fries. If you can’t find something of interest in this menu, you will never find a catering option.


Even people who don’t like the atmosphere and the food here will admit that they serve a wide variety of alcoholic drinks. As a non-drinker, I cannot verify the quality. However, the menu offers much more than beer or wine. Rainforest Café sells three types of margaritas year round with a seasonal offer as well. They also sell seven different types of rum drinks. The options change periodically. Many seasonal alcoholic drinks are also appearing. The Lava Lounge, an outdoor bar connected to the Rainforest Café, offers the same drink menu.

This tropical rainforest retreat and delicious food await. Look out for the erupting volcano for these reasons to love Rainforest Café.

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