Addison Restaurant Month asks, “Are you the foodie?”

This month’s meal prep is taken care of with unique offers and delicious meals, thanks to Addison’s Restaurant Month. Throughout October, discover what makes Addison the food capital of North Texas.

Rather than limiting the excitement and specials to a single week and a few restaurants, Addison Restaurant Month spans four weeks to give participating restaurants more time to present their menus and ensure diners take full advantage of the restaurant. ‘experience.

You can even taste the cuisine of a different restaurant every day. Fancy a free aperitif with your starter? How about a free dessert or Red Hot Chicken Nuggets? Say no more. Addison’s restaurants have great deals to be had during Restaurant Month.

Keep your pace, however, it will be a long and delicious month.

How to participate :
To spice up your Addison’s Restaurant Month experience, Visit Addison is giving away hundreds of dollars in Addison’s Restaurant Gift Cards every week. All you need is your smartphone and a big appetite to see how many Addison restaurants you can remove from your list in October.

It couldn’t be simpler: This month, use the Addison Food Pass to check in while you sit down and order. Then relax, enjoy your fantastic meal, and wait for the weekly winners to be announced.

That’s right – you’re automatically entered into the weekly prize competition just by registering and supporting your favorite local restaurants.

What is on the menu?
Most catering weeks offer limited menus for diners in a few upscale restaurants. However, in an effort to make this year’s event all around you and your taste buds, Addison eliminates the need for reservations in order to get the most out of the local flavor.

Whether your choice is barbecue, healthy greens or Japanese, there is a restaurant waiting for you to satisfy your craving. If you are ready to sample your favorite cuisine, there is no better opportunity than during this one-of-a-kind restaurant month.

To find the full list of participating restaurants and sign up for some fun, visit

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