Albuquerque restaurant offering shorter work weeks for management

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – A local restaurant will soon allow its staff some more time off from work. From next month, M’tucci’s restaurant will offer workers the option of working four days a week. It will apply mainly to executives, managers and employees who now work five days a week.

It’s not necessarily aimed at servers and other kitchen staff, as managing partner John Hass says those workers already have more flexible scheduling options. According to Haas, unlike other restaurants, M’tucci’s has found a way to retain much of its workforce and wants to continue to do so. “We work in an industry that asks a lot of you: schedule, time, stress. Physical and mental wear and tear is a major issue for us in the restaurant industry, and we really wanted to find a way to better take care of our family at work,” Haas said.

The catering sector is one of those that still suffer the most from the lack of staff. According to a press release, M’tucci’s was one of 30 US-based companies to partner with New Zealand-based 4 Day Work Week Global. Four Day Work Week Global is a non-profit organization launching an international trial to promote the four-day work week.

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