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Are your church worship services taking too long? Are your pastor’s sermons centered on the Bible? How many gospel sermons and show Bible teachings does the average devotee hear in a year, if his pastor preaches a sermon each week.

The average length of a morning worship service is 90 minutes. This represents 78 hours per year.

After greetings and hugs, announcements, chanting, special musical performances and offerings, there is about 40 minutes left for a sermon (some churches last longer but they run the risk of losing those who are in a hurry to get to the church). restaurant before the crowds). This leaves your pastor about 34.5 hours per year. Thirty-four and a half hours of good, solid Bible teaching per year. It’s not bad, except for all those “other things”.

If your church is a large church with a large music department, there will be three or maybe four Sundays each year where sermons are suspended for a major musical / drama production. This reduces his preaching time to about 30 hours per year. But wait! What about the children? Promoting Sunday School Sunday with a special children’s program reduces his time to around 29 hours.

Is your pastor taking a vacation? If he’s ultra-conservative and only takes two weeks off each year, there are still two Sundays. And if he attends conferences or is called as a guest speaker at another church, he could easily miss an extra two weeks each year. By the way, a significant portion of your congregation will use their absence as an excuse to skip the church, but I digress. Faithful members will be subject to a missionary report or topical treatise by a Jr. Visiting Chair Filler. So that’s six hours less each year. But it is okay. There are 23 hours left for a good and solid teaching of the Bible.

What do you do with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Children’s Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Veterans Day, New Years Day, Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, Patriots’ Day, local high school graduation and July 4th? If your pastor wastes even half of his allotted time on any kind of special tribute, he could easily waste another ten hours. That gives him about thirteen hours to really impact your congregation with a good, solid, in-depth Bible exposure (if he doesn’t get sick).

Thirteen hours a year. That’s a little over an hour a month or fifteen minutes a week. But do not worry. If you leave your Sunday morning services feeling malnourished, you can always supplement your spiritual fast food diet with a joyful TV meal from Joel Osteen.

Ralph M. Petersen and his wife, Kathy, own the OLDE TOWNE EMPORIUM at 212 E. Main St. in Rogersville. Comments are welcome. You can contact him at [email protected] or by phone at (951) 321 9235.


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