British Airways 747 sold for £1 becomes exclusive ‘party plane’

The Boeing 747 revolutionized air travel when it took to the skies in 1969. Now, after an impressive five decades in production, an iconic jumbo jet is gearing up for perhaps its most ambitious role yet – in as a “party plane” available for weddings and private events.

Sporting British Airways’ classic ‘Negus’ livery – a distinctive red, white and blue design that featured throughout the fleet from 1974 to 1980 – the 747 was put on pasture in April 2020 after performing 13,398 flights and accumulating an impressive 118,445 flight hours.

But this queen of heaven was not quite ready for retirement yet.

She was bought for a £1 token by Cotswold Airportnear the village of Kemble in Gloucestershire, England, with airport CEO Suzannah Harvey revealing big plans for the spinster.

Harvey told CNN Travel he was offered the choice between four retired BA 747s, but the choice was easy, describing the British Airways livery created by renowned British design agency Negus & Negus as “the finest ever.” ‘they have ever produced’.

An extensive 14-month interior refurbishment saw the economy class ceiling panels, seats and overhead bins removed to open up the spacious cabin.

The jumbo now sports a large multi-space dance floor complete with impressive lighting, a DJ booth and bar seating.

The galley has also been converted into a cozy bar, although the first class cabin and the cockpit remains intact, should you need a space to sit back and catch your breath.

Cotswold Airport 747 Negus is now available for weddings, birthdays, launches and any other event you would like to host inside a jumbo jet.

Rates start at around £1,000 (1,911 AUD) per hour, with a full day 24-hour rental costing you around £12,000 (22,934 AUD) – that’s still a small price to pay to experience a piece of aviation history.

For what it’s worth, the first Qantas Boeing 747-400 is now in residence at Australia Historic Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) Aviation Museum in Albion Park, an hour south of Sydney.

The Captain Cook Lounge graced the upper deck of Qantas' first Boeing 747s.

The Captain Cook Lounge graced the upper deck of Qantas’ first Boeing 747s.

Unfortunately, he does not boast of the Captain Cook Lounge that featured on the upper deck of the original Qantas jumbo jets, where first-class passengers could relax in the retro-fabulous surroundings of faux wood, swivel chairs and a bright orange sofa.

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