British Football Minister urges reluctant players to get COVID-19 vaccine

UK Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston has urged footballers who do not intend to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to “overcome their reluctance” as it is their social responsibility. With matches being postponed due to COVID outbreaks at several clubs, the English Football League (EFL), which governs the sport’s lower divisions, said on Thursday that a quarter of players at its 72 clubs were missing the ‘intention of https: // www. to get vaccinated.

“I recognize that some people cannot get vaccinated, but we all need to encourage those who are not vaccinated to overcome their reluctance,” Huddleston told the BBC. “The overwhelming majority of those critically ill with COVID in hospital are not vaccinated. The most important thing anyone – including footballers – can do to protect themselves, their colleagues and loved ones is to get vaccinated and to receive a reminder. “

The Premier League’s most recent data on vaccination levels in mid-October revealed that 81% of players had received at least one dose of vaccination with 68% being doubly vaccinated. “Receiving the jab is the socially responsible thing to do. Many footballers and sports stars have used their profile and social media to encourage people to get the shot. I am very grateful to them, they can reach people that ministers can’t, “added Huddleston.

EFL medical adviser Richard Higgins has urged players to get fully vaccinated and get the booster shot if they are eligible as the Omicron variant takes hold. European football’s governing body UEFA has also launched an nL1N2T11FP information campaign to encourage players to get vaccinated.

“I know football authorities are also working with players to understand why some are reluctant to get vaccinated,” Huddleston said. MP Jeff Smith also urged footballers to get vaccinated, describing them as “important role models for millions of people.”

“Vaccines are safe, effective and the best protection we have against COVID,” he said. “COVID can affect anyone, including young people in good physical shape. Getting vaccinated isn’t just about protecting yourself, it’s about protecting everyone around you. “

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