British pedophiles travel to Poland to provide ‘humanitarian assistance’ to Ukrainian refugees

British pedophiles have traveled to Poland claiming they are providing “humanitarian assistance” to refugees fleeing Ukraine, including thousands of unaccompanied children.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) said 10 known sex offenders visited the country in the six weeks following the Russian invasion.

The 10 men were asked to leave Poland following an interview with immigration and law enforcement officials, and British authorities are working to dissuade the others from travelling.

“For us, it’s about making partners aware that these convicted pedophiles are on their turf, for obvious reasons,” an NCA spokesperson said.

“There are at least 5,000 unaccompanied children who have been displaced from Ukraine. Making sure they are safe is absolutely paramount.

Officials said convicted pedophiles are expected to declare their criminal records to the countries they visit, but “we inevitably find that they have not done so”.

Efforts are currently focused on stopping sex offenders from traveling to Poland or other countries if not “for the right reasons”, and getting them out if they haven’t followed through. the rules.

The problem is part of “a whole range of threats that have arisen or been reinforced by this conflict” from the Ukrainian war, the ANC said.

These include modern slavery, human trafficking and organized immigration crime affecting refugees.

Police and security services are also concerned about potential “leaks” of firearms and weapons.

There has also been an increase in illicit finance, cybercrime and fraud, including the creation of websites pretending to be aid agencies to collect donations for Ukrainians.

The NCA led the UK’s response to organized crime influenced by the Ukrainian war and also created an anti-kleptocracy cell to target “corrupt elites” linked to Russia and other hostile states.

A kleptocracy describes the corruption that occurs when state leaders and those connected to them take money generated within their country, such as natural resources, for personal gain and spend or hide it in other places. ‘other countries.

No Russian oligarch is immune or exempt from sanctions, says security minister

The cell focuses on people who have used assets in the UK to store, hide and grow their wealth.

The cell used covert tactics to capture sensitive intelligence to try to inform government and private sector decisions.

It also targets “facilitators”, which can include auction houses, real estate agents, lawyers and security companies. Several arrests have been made but no charges have yet resulted from the activity.

The anti-kleptocracy cell does not specifically target Russia, but the country is one of several countries said to have “corrupt elites” that British authorities now want to disrupt.

The NCA believes its efforts are already having a chilling effect, with some targets linked to Vladimir Putin’s regime already starving themselves of assets in the UK, as Russian-owned assets in the UAE and other countries skyrocket .

The NCA said it wanted to push back on the “concept of Londongrad, the idea that people were free to come with their money and do whatever they wanted”.

“There will always be opportunities for people to move their assets elsewhere,” a spokesperson added. “It is clear that some people have decided that the UK is no longer for them.

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