Buffalo doesn’t like the fast food chain’s new sauce

Growing up in western New York, we are conditioned to believe certain things.

One of them is the bills are everything. The Sabers are also near and dear to our hearts, as we are in Western New York, not Upstate New York; although some people refer to Buffalo as upstate New York.

Perhaps the most popular food opinion here in Buffalo is that only blue cheese goes with your wings. We don’t say Buffalo wings, rarely even chicken wings, and the ranch never, ever goes with your order of wings.

Yes, many places serve as a ranch, but you have to specifically ask for a ranch if you want them with your wings, and that’s when you’re likely to get some weird looks.

If you live in other parts of the country, ranch is common with wings and even Buffalo sauce, not blue cheese; much to the disappointment of Western New York.

KFC recently launched its Buffalo Ranch Sauce, which combines spicy buffalo with cool ranch.

It would never fly to Buffalo.

Some comments from Buffalonians agree that this is not their favorite sauce combo.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the ranch with anything, not just wings. It’s a very powerful condiment and the blue cheese really is a perfect combo with the spiciness of the wings. It’s also a big tradition in western New York and the first time I saw this ad I thought “oh dear, that wouldn’t be popular in Buffalo”.

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