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WILLIAMS, Arizona РVisitors and residents alike will be in for a treat at the newly opened Selah Caf̩ in downtown Williams.

The new restaurant offers a wide menu of unique and casual fare, including a variety of bowls, burritos, sandwiches and more for breakfast and lunch.

Hungry patrons can grab breakfast items like a bowl of locally made granola that includes coconut chips, bananas, and peanut butter, or a bowl of scrambled egg, high-protein veggies with avocados, red pepper, sautéed kale and mushrooms.

For lunch, there are options like chicken pesto paninis, brie and apples on a ciabatta bun, or waffle options like fried and crispy chicken nestled between two chewy waffles with a side of syrup in it. hot maple.

There is also a variety of gallates, a French type of crêpes or crispy cakes, with sweet toppings such as cream cheese and fresh raspberries, or a more substantial option of Thai chicken or Rangoon crab with mozzarella. and cream cheese, crab and green onions.

As owners of South Rims Wine and Beer, Greg and Sheraton Coles bring a rich dining experience to the new cafe.

The Cole’s dreamed of expanding beyond South Rims and offering more dining options to the community of Williams.

“Our teenagers had a lot of ideas on how we could develop ourselves,” Sheraton said.

“I always try to do something that is off the beaten track,” said Greg. “What you see up there (menu) is not what you see elsewhere.”

A new menu item is Boba tea.

“Nobody really does that,” said Greg. “We brought this as a suggestion from our daughters.

Greg said the food isn’t necessarily fast food as it is freshly made and on-site, but can be ready in minutes with customer seating available.

“If you want to sit down you can but it’s all take out,” he said. “Everything is made from scratch, it’s fresh.”

The Coles plan to offer delivery to the Williams area in the future.

The restaurant plans to be as environmentally friendly as possible with washable plates and utensils available, while providing compostable options.

The restaurant is currently open 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Thursday through Sunday, with plans to open Monday through Sunday in the future.

“We primarily offer brunch, but we have breakfast options,” Sheraton said.

The restaurant is currently taking orders by phone and without an appointment.

She said they hope to be consistent with their hours and days of the week.

The restaurant is located at 125 W. Route 66 in Williams. More information is available at (928) 864-6115.

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