Cafe owner thanks city for a fresh start with optional mask

By Brian Johnson

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INDEPENDENCE, Missouri (KMBC) – Rae’s Cafe will reopen, masks optional. The restaurant is moving to Independence and moving away from the surveillance of the Jackson County Health Department, which requires masks.

“I am happy to have the opportunity to resume the opening. Myself, my staff, everyone is thrilled with this opportunity to return to normal life, ”said Amanda Wohletz, owner of Rae’s Café.

Independence has no mandate. However, moving to a new building will not end its legal battle. This means that the cafe can start selling food again.

Owner Amanda Wohletz will be relying on loyal customers to make the trip from Blue Springs.

“I hope to recover all our regular customers, that’s why we are opening. It’s not for this party, it’s for our family, our guests or our life, ”Wohletz said.

Two city council members say they coordinated the deal. No city money, just connections.

“I kept in touch with Amanda almost daily, trying to persuade her that Independence was a big home for her.” Independence City Councilor Mike Huff said.

The other city councilor, Michael Steinmeyer, hopes the community will support his new neighbor.

“Let’s see how to be nice, that’s the best medicine. It’s the best vaccine for mankind, that’s kindness, ”said Steinmeyer.

There is still a lot of moving and unpacking to do for Wohletz. She still needs to apply for a health permit and business license before she can open.

“Thank you to Independence for allowing us to move here and giving us a fresh start,” Wohletz said.

His lawyer says Wohletz faces criminal charges for failing to follow the mask’s warrant. Rae’s Cafe sued a civil court for loss of earnings.

Jackson Court closed the restaurant for the first time in early September.

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