Fast Food – BB Veggie Sat, 15 Jan 2022 02:54:27 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Fast Food – BB Veggie 32 32 The Middle East launches the first-ever vegan food festival at Expo 2020 Dubai, January 14-30 Sat, 15 Jan 2022 02:54:27 +0000

Expo Dubai 2020 seeks to position the UAE as a culinary capital, with over 250 food concepts from 191 countries all in one place. And from January 14-30, 2022, it hosts the Middle East’s first-ever vegan food festival, in association with Veganuary and Dubai Vegan Days. The festival takes place at the Festival Garden (access to the event is included with the Expo 2020 Dubai ticket) and brings together plant-based chefs and restaurants, food trucks and regional favorites, alongside a lineup DJs who will play every evening until 2 am.

Some of the concepts to look forward to include Erpingham House, the UK’s largest plant-based restaurant (by square footage); Holy Carrot, a British plant-based restaurant serving Asian-inspired dishes; Papa Burty’s by TV presenter Layne Redman serving Jamaican patties; Evergreen Organics, Qatar’s first vegan cafe, and Mylk, a chocolate and ice cream concept store, also from Doha.

Also in attendance is plant-based celebrity chef Matthew Kenney’s Veg’d, his take-out fast food concept based on California’s Costa Mesa. Its other concepts, the Xyst inspired by the Middle East; Mudra, known for its gourmet comfort food; and MAKE food truck, are located at Terra, the sustainability pavilion.

On January 29 and 30, Not Just For Vegans, the region’s largest vegan pop-up market will also take place at Festival Gardens, featuring over 60 brands of sustainable fashion, jewelry and accessories, as well as a vegan spa and biological, children’s activities and talks with the chef.

Additionally, restaurants at the Expo 2020 site are also participating in Veganuary. They include Alkebulan, which will host a 10-day pop-up from chef Glory Kabe; Bread Ahead, which will host vegan baking classes throughout January; plus vegan options at Adrift Burger Bar, Kutir, Long Chim, Café Milano, The Local Aussie Grill, Mangrove Philippines Cuisine, Melbourne Lane and Sky Market.

For more information visit Expo Dubai 2020 website

Which fast food restaurant has the best crispy chicken sandwich? We tried 6 and ranked them from worst to best Thu, 13 Jan 2022 11:00:00 +0000

CLEVELAND, Ohio – If you’re like me, you stand in the fast-food line to order, perusing the brightly colored images of meal offerings and wondering if it really can be as good as it gets. looks like it – or, perhaps, debating whether you should try something different, only to order “the usual”.

Full disclosure, I love chicken. That said, I tend to frequent fast food joints that specialize in red meat. Maybe it’s because I tend to be picky about how my chicken is prepared – the seasoning, the doneness, even the appearance.

After years of thinking, 2022 dawned and I finally made the commitment to jump on the register and order that chicken sandwich I’ve often considered and then rejected for a cheeseburger.


– I chose seven local fast food restaurants that made their reputation solely on red meat. It just didn’t seem fair to pit them against these specialty chicken outlets, so I avoided places like Chick-fil-A, Popeye’s, and KFC for this tasting showdown.

– I ordered medium classic fried chicken sandwich combos and ranked them based on bread, toppings, texture flavor, and taste and quality of toppings and sides.

Editor’s note: Although I ordered medium sized combos at each restaurant, the size of the included drinks varies at each meal.

6. Rally’s/Checker’s

– photo by Brenda Cain,

Cost: $7.74

There’s a lot going on with this sandwich, but the chicken isn’t the star of this dish. The sauce – which tasted like a weak combination of ketchup and mayonnaise, with a slight peppery kick – completely overwhelmed every other aspect of this sandwich. The chicken coating was so crispy it almost looked like it had been fried twice. The shredded iceberg lettuce was generous and the tomato slice was thin. Neither tasted fresh. The bread was soggy with all that sauce. The fries were soft and greasy. The meal included a 22 oz soda.

5.Burger King
Meal Burger King ChKing

– photo by Brenda Cain,

Cost: $8.25

An excessive dollop of sauce robbed this sandwich of any chance of being crispy – and overwhelmed any other flavors that might have been part of this sandwich, including the pickles, which were the only toppings. The meat was dry and stringy, the bread soggy with all that sauce, and the fries were soft and unsalted. The meal includes a 30 ounce soda

4. McDonald’s
McDonald's Crispy Chicken Meal

– photo by Brenda Cain,

Cost: $8.86

McDonald’s is one of the largest hamburger chains in the world. His chicken sandwiches do little to add to his reputation. The patty appeared to be a whole chicken breast, but it was tasteless and slightly dry. The coating was crispy and well seasoned. The pickle was crispy and tart. The bun had spent a bit too long on the grill and was dry. The fries were typical McDonald’s fries, hot and crispy, but super salty. The meal includes a 20-ounce soda.

3. Wendy’s
Wendy's Classic Chicken Combo

– photo by Brenda Cain,

Cost: $9.13

This chicken patty was thicker than many of the others we tried and seemed freshly made. It was hot with a crispy coating. The chicken itself was juicy and well cooked and well spiced. The leaf lettuce was large and covered the bun although it was a bit wilted, probably from the heat of the meat. The bun was fresh. Despite Wendy’s recent ad campaign touting their “hot fries”, the ones we got were cold and soggy. The meal includes a 32-ounce soda

2. Culver’s
Culver's Crispy Chicken Meal

– photo by Brenda Cain,

Cost: $10.13

While the chicken patty, itself, was thinner than most we tried, it tasted more like chicken than most we tried. It was hot, the coating crispy and the meat was juicy and tender. The shredded lettuce and thin slice of tomato tasted fresh, and the two pickles were crispy and tangy. The bun was buttered and toasted. The crinkle fries were lukewarm, soft and salty. The meal includes a 22-ounce soda

1. Shake the hut
Shake Shack Chicken Shack

– photo by Brenda Cain,

Cost: $14.01

The Shake Shack meal was much more expensive than the other entrees in this taste test but worth the price. The chicken isn’t cooked until you order it, so it comes out hot, crispy and juicy and perfectly spiced. It was reminiscent of the chicken my grandmother served for Sunday dinner. The soft bun tasted more like a potato bun than a simple hamburger bun. The chicken is topped with a herb mayonnaise and crispy pickles. Note: Shake Shack doesn’t serve combo meals like most fast food places, so to fair the taste test, we ordered fries and a drink, on the side. The fries are the typical frozen fries you can get anywhere, but like the chicken, they were cooked to order so they were hot and crispy. The soda was 16 oz.

Multicooker makes healthy meals quick and easy Tue, 11 Jan 2022 13:30:00 +0000

Healthy eating has never been easier, or faster.

A multicooker makes cooking a healthy meal accessible and affordable, and takes less time and energy than shopping for not-so-healthy fast food or throwing a frozen pizza in the oven. Roast a chicken in 30 minutes, cook whole grains rich in nutrients like wild rice or barley in 20 minutes, make a bean or lentil stew, chowder or chili in the same 20 minutes – this kitchen wonder is truly a meal changer that can help support healthy eating in the most convenient, quickest, and most delicious way.

What is a multicooker?

Kind of a slow pressure cooker hybrid, the multicooker is a multi-functional phenomenon which is also a rice cooker, steamer, Dutch oven, baker, yogurt maker and more. Versatile and easy to use, it is a great replacement for other cooking equipment, like a slow cooker or rice machine, which frees up space on the counter and cupboards and frees up time during cleaning – a single pot instead of multiple pots and pans.

This device, like a pressure cooker, heats the liquid inside a tight seal, which creates pressure inside the pot as the liquid boils and turns to vapor. As the pressure increases, the temperature rises. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes for the pot to come under pressure. At this point, cooking begins at a rate approximately 70% lower than standard cooking methods. Some dishes require a slow release of pressure after food is cooked.

Health benefits

Because a multicooker uses very little liquid, reaches a temperature of no more than 250 F, and cooks very quickly, it preserves more nutrients than many other cooking methods. Cooking of any kind will result in the loss of some nutrients, such as water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin C, thiamine, and folate, but this is minimized in foods exposed to the least liquid at the lowest temperature during cooking. shorter period of time. Research also shows that the availability of other nutrients (like lycopene in tomatoes and other carotenoids in vegetables like carrots, spinach, and broccoli) is actually increasing. This is because cooking helps break down cell walls so that they release nutrients and phytochemicals.

With a multicooker, a meal can be prepared with a potpourri of healthy ingredients from the freezer, refrigerator, and pantry.
Dream time / TNS

Cooking can be stressful. Time, energy, and motivation are common barriers to getting a healthy meal on the table. Preparing meals with a multicooker can help. A meal can be made with a potpourri of healthy ingredients from the freezer, refrigerator and pantry. Whole grains and healthy legumes – dry or canned – go great with fresh, frozen, or canned vegetables and lean protein like chicken or fish.

With a multicooker, nutrients are retained and flavors and colors are more vivid. Even when you just have time to open a few boxes and bags of frozen vegetables, your meal can be just as healthy and satisfying. Once the ingredients are in the pot and it’s ready, that’s it. Come back when it’s done and serve a healthy meal.

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Global spread of autoimmune diseases blamed on Western food | Medical research Sun, 09 Jan 2022 14:35:00 +0000

More and more people around the world are suffering because their immune systems can no longer tell the difference between healthy cells and invading microorganisms. Rather, the defenses against the diseases that once protected them attack their tissues and organs.

Significant international research efforts are being made to combat this trend – including an initiative at the Francis Crick Institute in London, where two global experts, James Lee and Carola Vinuesa, have set up separate research groups to help identify the precise causes of autoimmune diseases, as these conditions are known.

“The number of autoimmune cases started to increase about 40 years ago in the west,” Lee told the Observer. “However, we are now seeing them emerging in countries that had never had such diseases before.

For example, the largest recent increase in inflammatory bowel disease cases has been in the Middle East and East Asia. Before that, they had barely seen the disease.

Autoimmune diseases range from type 1 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and multiple sclerosis. In each case, the immune system crosses its threads and activates healthy tissue instead of infectious agents.

In the UK alone, at least 4 million people have developed such conditions, some with more than one. Internationally, autoimmune disease cases are now estimated to increase by 3-9% per year. Most scientists believe that environmental factors play a key role in this increase.

“Human genetics have not changed over the past few decades,” said Lee, who was previously based at the University of Cambridge. “So, something has to change in the outside world in a way that increases our predisposition to autoimmune diseases. “

This idea was supported by Vinuesa, who was previously based at the Australian National University. She pointed to the diet changes that were occurring as more countries adopted Western-style diets and people bought more fast food.

“Fast food diets lack some important ingredients, such as fiber, and evidence suggests this alteration affects a person’s microbiome – the collection of microorganisms we have in our gut that play a key role. in controlling various bodily functions, ”Vinuesa mentioned.

“These changes in our microbiomes then trigger autoimmune diseases, of which more than 100 types have now been discovered. “

The two scientists pointed out that individual susceptibilities are involved in contracting such diseases, conditions that also include celiac disease as well as lupus, which trigger inflammation and swelling and can damage various organs including the heart.

“If you don’t have some genetic susceptibility, you won’t necessarily have an autoimmune disease no matter how many Big Macs you consume,” Vinuesa said. “There isn’t much we can do to stop the global spread of fast food franchises. Instead, we try to understand the fundamental genetic mechanisms that underlie autoimmune diseases and make some people susceptible but not others. We want to tackle the problem there.

This task is made possible by the development of techniques that now allow scientists to spot tiny differences in DNA among large numbers of individuals. In this way, it is possible to identify common genetic patterns in people suffering from an autoimmune disease.

“Until very recently we just didn’t have the tools to do it, but now we have this incredible power to sequence DNA at scale and that has changed everything,” Lee said. “When I started doing research, we knew about half a dozen DNA variants involved in triggering inflammatory bowel disease. Now we know more than 250 of them.

Such work is at the heart of Lee and Vinuesa’s efforts to find out how these different genetic pathways work and to unravel the many types of diseases that doctors are currently examining. “If you look at some autoimmune diseases – for example, lupus – it has become clear recently that there are many different versions of it, which can be caused by different genetic pathways,” Vinuesa said. “And that has a consequence when you try to find the right treatment.

“We have a lot of new potentially useful therapies being developed all the time, but we don’t know which patients to administer them to because we now realize that we don’t know exactly what version of the disease they have. And that is now a key focus for autoimmune research. We have to learn to group and stratify patients so that we can give them the right therapy. “

Lee also pointed out that the increase in autoimmune disease cases around the world means that new treatments and drugs are now urgently needed more than ever. “Right now there is no cure for autoimmune diseases, which usually develop in young people – as they try to finish school, get their first job and start a family.” , did he declare.

“This means that an increasing number of people have to have surgery or have regular injections for the rest of their lives. This can be devastating for patients and strain health services. Hence the urgency to find new effective treatments.

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California Could See More Electric Vehicle Chargers In Fast Food Parking Lot Thanks To ChargeNet Fri, 07 Jan 2022 22:28:45 +0000

ChargeNet has raised $ 6.2 million from local investors to expand its network of electric vehicle charging stations at fast food restaurants across California, Dot.LA reports. Aligned Climate Capital led the funding, and another investor included the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI), which incubates startups focused on cleantech and climate solutions. It invested through its venture capital arm, the LACI Impact Fund. Another investor was Tech Coast Angels nonprofit and its San Diego chapter, San Diego Angels.

The funding will allow ChargeNet to deploy solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations in parking lots at fast food restaurants, starting with a Taco Bell in southern San Francisco this month. The Taco Bell charging station will have six charging ports. ChargeNet plans to add more locations in and around Los Angeles with its goal of expanding to more than 80 fast food restaurants by the end of 2022. ChargeNet CEO Tosh Dutt said point.LA:

“We plan to expand into Los Angeles, as well as surrounding counties, in 2022 and we are finalizing the details now. This is just the start for ChargeNet stations in and around Southern California, and today’s investment is fueling growth.

As an incentive to partner with ChargeNet, fast food restaurants will be able to use the additional energy stored in charging stations to power their own facilities and could also benefit from green energy incentives offered by local and state governments. .

Aligned Climate Capital’s COO, Brendan Bell, said: “Over five million people eat at Taco Bell restaurants across the country every day. ChargeNet brings fast charging to these drivers and clean energy to restaurants.

Dutt added that the chargers were designed for quick use and can give customers a 100-mile charge in 15 minutes for around $ 10, which is well below LA County gasoline prices, which according to AAA, are averaging about $ 4.68 per gallon.

It’s actually pretty awesome. I think any business that provides the electric vehicle charging service should partner with fast food restaurants, gas stations, and other businesses that see millions of customers. Tesla superchargers are strategically placed in malls and the company recently partnered with Buc-ees which is great, but the idea of ​​going out to dinner and recharging quickly I think would be appealing to the person on the go. shift. .

Seeing EVs in common places like gas stations and fast food outlets also helps normalize them in a still somewhat timid society.

Image courtesy of ChargeNet.

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Del Taco launches new value menu Wed, 05 Jan 2022 22:53:49 +0000

Photography: Shutterstock

Del Taco unveiled its new “20 for under $ 2” value menu on Wednesday, which it says includes the most items in the fast food industry.

The menu offers a wide selection of new and existing tacos, burritos, drinks and snacks. This is because many chains have shifted their focus away from value amid rising prices and a consumer more focused on convenience.

“As other brands shed their value menus, we are expanding ours to offer our customers a greater variety of items,” Del Taco Marketing Director Tim Hackbardt said in a statement. “We know our customers are concerned about rising gasoline prices and headline inflation, and that’s why we believe it’s the right menu at the right time.”

Inflation has been a major problem in the economy, as rising supply and labor costs have caused prices to rise. Fast food outlets, for example, have increased their prices by 7.9% in the past year, according to federal data.

Yet these prices were not enough to offset the higher costs. Restaurants have avoided the aggressive value offerings that frequently arrive in January, when sales are slow.

Del Taco, however, is betting that its value offering can attract more customers, and the $ 2 price tag is higher than previous prices attached to value menus.

The menu features several new additions, including a Del Carbon Guac’d Up Chicken Taco, Crispy Chicken Taco Chipotle, Crispy Guac’d Up Chicken Tacos, a Queso Quesadilla Snack, and a Strawberry Sprite. It also includes strawberry lemonade, miniature versions of the chain’s shakes, and several other items.

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McDonald’s celebrates New Years in Japan with special lucky bag Tue, 04 Jan 2022 01:04:36 +0000

Fukubukuro fast food is a feast for the eyes and the stomach!

One of the most popular fukubukuro lucky bags you can buy in Japan on New Years comes from the fast food giant McDonald’s. Not only are the bags reasonably priced at 3,000 yen (US $ 26.02) each, but they also contain free vouchers worth more than that amount, as well as a host of special-branded merchandise that are generally not offered for sale.

It’s such a great deal that the bags are sold through an advance lottery system, and our reporter Shawn was one of the lucky few who had the privilege of purchasing one.

So let’s go ahead and take a look at what he got inside the bag!

▼ First, a black backpack from the messenger bag specialists Manhattan Portage.

Discover the expertly designed fries on the logo!

Shawn was thrilled to find this unexpected treasure in his lucky bag, so he immediately put it on his shoulders to try it out.

Merge street fashion with fast food.

Unzipping the bag revealed that it not only looked good, it was also functional, as it was actually insulated. Perfect for keeping hot items warm or cold items cold on the go.

The next item in Shawn’s loot was a “Light pot», Also created in collaboration with Manhattan Portage.

“Pote” is the abbreviation for “potato”, as McDonald’s calls it fries in Japan. And that’s exactly what this product looks like, even though the “fries” look like the Manhattan skyline…

▼… and they light up at the push of a button!

The next step is a McDonald’s x Manhattan Portage zbackpack.

▼ The collection is completed with a “long cup”, also with Manhattan Skyline French Fries.

And now we come to the section where Shawn gets all his money back – with the free vouchers. There were 10 in total, giving him free nuggets, burgers and fries, worth a total of 3,130 yen.

Considering Shawn spent 3,000 yen on the bag, that was a lot, and that meant all the goods in the bag were basically free. If you’re looking for a fukubukuro that will make you smile, you can’t walk past the McDonald’s lucky bag, and they will be happy to put a smile on your face after New Years too!

Photos © SoraNews24
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Chick-fil-A reveals the most ordered menu items of 2021 | WJHL Sat, 01 Jan 2022 23:29:58 +0000

At the end of 2021, the restaurant shares with its customers the most ordered items of the year – and the top choice may surprise you. (Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

(WETM) – Chick-fil-A remains one of the most popular fast food chains in the United States, recently ranking # 1 in customer satisfaction for the seventh year in a row, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Now, as 2021 draws to a close, the restaurant is sharing with its customers the most ordered items of the year – and the top pick may surprise you. Across the company’s six regions, the most ordered item was waffle potato fries, not the chain’s signature chicken sandwich.

Soft drinks were also extremely popular across the board, taking second place across all regions.

The Chick-fil-A Nuggets and Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich ranked almost equally well in the rankings, while dishes such as Sweet Ice Tea and Lemonade remained popular.

Here’s a breakdown of the most popular items in each region of the country:

Southeast region:

  1. Waffle Potato Fries ™
  2. Soft drink
  3. Chick-fil-A® Chicken sandwich
  4. Chick-fil-A® nuggets
  5. Sweet iced tea
  6. hash browns
  7. Regular lemonade
  8. Chick-fil-A® Chicken Biscuit
  9. Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  10. Chick-n-Minis ™
  11. Mac & Cheese

Atlantic Region:

  1. Waffle Potato Fries
  2. Soft drink
  3. Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich
  4. Chick-fil-A Nuggets
  5. Sweet iced tea
  6. hash browns
  7. Regular lemonade
  8. Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  9. Chick-fil-A Chicken Cookie
  10. Chick-n-Minis
  11. Mac & Cheese

Northeast region:

  1. Waffle Potato Fries
  2. Soft drink
  3. Chick-fil-A Nuggets
  4. Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich
  5. Regular lemonade
  6. Sweet iced tea
  7. Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  8. hash browns
  9. Spicy deluxe sandwich
  10. Mac & Cheese
  11. Chick-fil-A® Deluxe sandwich

Midwest Region:

  1. Waffle Potato Fries
  2. Soft drink
  3. Chick-fil-A Nuggets
  4. Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich
  5. Regular lemonade
  6. Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  7. Mac & Cheese
  8. Spicy deluxe sandwich
  9. Sweet iced tea
  10. hash browns
  11. Deluxe Chick-fil-A Sandwich

Southwest region:

  1. Waffle Potato Fries
  2. Soft drink
  3. Chick-fil-A Nuggets
  4. Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich
  5. Sweet iced tea
  6. Regular lemonade
  7. hash browns
  8. Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  9. Spicy deluxe sandwich
  10. Mac & Cheese
  11. Chick-fil-A Chick-n-Minis

West region:

  1. Waffle Potato Fries
  2. Soft drink
  3. Chick-fil-A Nuggets
  4. Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich
  5. Spicy deluxe sandwich
  6. Regular lemonade
  7. Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  8. Mac & Cheese
  9. Deluxe Chick-fil-A Sandwich
  10. hash browns
  11. Sweet iced tea
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2022 will be the year automation changes fast food for good Fri, 31 Dec 2021 14:09:09 +0000 Innovation in restaurants to improve customer comfort will continue to grow at a rapid pace around things like self-driving delivery vehicles, 24/7 catering kiosks, and app-based orders and payments. . Diners are embracing automation more than ever and are open to change if it means increased safety, convenience and efficiency, as well as consistency in the quality of the food they receive.

The fast food industry will stay afloat with increased automation to deliver the things customers demand like contactless pickup and low-contact food preparation, as well as tackling labor shortages. and rising labor costs. Back-of-house automation will become a necessity if restaurants are to survive in today’s market.

By replacing dangerous jobs and menial tasks with automation, fast food companies will be able to free up workers and put the emphasis back on customer service. By removing human error and improving safety and consistency, they will be able to deliver quality food to customers. By gaining actionable insights into customer operations and trends, these restaurants can enhance and personalize the consumer experience. And by optimizing themselves to adapt to the changing footprint of restaurants and kitchens, they can focus on take-out and off-site delivery, providing greater flexibility and dramatically reducing overheads.

Technology solutions will not only improve the customer experience, but change the fast food industry as we know it.

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CDC Removes Isolation Restrictions For Those Who Get COVID; Shorter quarantine for all Mon, 27 Dec 2021 21:57:23 +0000

U.S. health officials are lowering isolation restrictions for Americans who test positive for the coronavirus and shortening the quarantine timeframe for close contacts.

People with the virus can leave isolation after five days, up from 10 days previously.

People exposed to the virus can also leave quarantine after five days.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced the changes on Monday. CDC officials said the guidelines are in line with growing evidence that the coronavirus is most infectious in the two days before and three days after symptoms appear.

The decision was also influenced by a recent increase in COVID-19 cases, driven by the omicron variant.

America’s 50 Most Popular Chain Restaurants

YouGov surveyed the nation’s most popular restaurant brands and Stacker compiled the list to give readers context on the results. Read on to browse the vast and diverse variety of American restaurants. Maybe you’ll even find a favorite or two.

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The data in this list was obtained from reliable online sources and media. Read on to find out which major law was passed in the year you were born, and learn its name, vote count (if any), impact, and meaning.

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