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Chipotle has officially opened its third location in Jersey City. The other two are located in Journal Square and in the Newport Tower. Located at 30 Montgomery Street, the new location of the famous Mexican restaurant chain is just steps from the Exchange Place PATH station. Read on to learn more about Chipotle’s new location.

^ Now open at 30 Montgomery Street


Chipotle took over B. Good’s old location. The location at 30 Montgomery Street opened in February 2019. With a second location at 525 Washington Blvd, the health food restaurant closed in early 2020.

In June 2021, word spread that Chipotle was taking over B. Good’s space when the Chipotle sign was hung outside and brown wallpaper covered its windows. Fast forward to the end of August, and Chipotle has opened its doors and is now serving the community. The fast food retailer opened its Newport Tower (525 Washington Blvd) location in 2016 and its Journal Square (26 Journal Sq) location in 2018.

chipotle opens a place of exchange

(Photo credit: Chipotle)

What’s inside

Chipotle’s menu at Exchange Place is the same menu at other places. It offers personalized burritos, burrito bowls, lifestyle bowls, tacos and salads. Fries, guacamole, queso blanco and various salsas are available on the side.

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According to the website, “Our local Exchange Place Chipotle Mexican Grill cultivates a better world by serving real food from responsible sources, from classic cuisine, with healthy ingredients without added colors, flavors or other additives.”

Inside 30 Montgomery Street, patrons can find plenty of seating, including new sets of tables and chairs, as well as a high top and bar stools. There is also a long counter for ordering and a soda fountain station.

chicken chipotle tacos

(Photo credit: Chipotle)

About Chipotle

Chipotle was founded by businessman Steve Ells who opened the very first store in Denver, Colorado in 1993. There are now over 2,700 locations in the United States.

The fast growing company has made some changes in recent years to keep up with the latest health trends. In January 2021, the company introduced its new Cilantro-Lime Cauliflower Rice, which at the time was the last plant-based option in the chain. In August 2021, the chain then began testing spicy vegan pea protein chorizo ​​by making it available at 103 test sites in Colorado, Indiana and California.

chipotle chips with guac sauce

(Photo credit: Chipotle)

“Plant-based lifestyles have continued to gain in popularity, and as a long-time leader in the category, we are exploring ways to provide more variety to our fans,” said Chris Brandt, Marketing Director de Chipotle, in a statement. “We used real ingredients to create a plant-based protein with a deep, rich chorizo ​​flavor that can be enjoyed by anyone.”

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The details

Chipotle Exchange Place is open 7 days a week from 10:45 a.m. to 10 p.m. Orders can be placed online through Chipotle’s website and delivery services. By downloading and ordering through the Chipotle app, customers can earn Chipotle rewards, which will lead to free food. The company also offers a catering service for up to 200 people.

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Written by: Diana Cooper

After landing her dream job as a reporter for In Touch Weekly and Life & Style Weekly, Diana moved to The Heights in 2014 and has lived in Jersey City since then. Diana enjoys biking in Lincoln Park and taking fitness classes downtown in her spare time. She loves reality TV shows, dining out and having drinks with friends and traveling to new places. Her work has taken her to meet and interview celebrities as well as attend exclusive events and premieres in New York City. But at the end of the day, what she loves most is snuggling up with her newly adopted kitten, Chloe.

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Mooby’s, a fast food restaurant featured in Kevin Smith’s films, pops up at Delray Beach – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports Sat, 11 Sep 2021 00:35:57 +0000

Life imitates art. We love when that happens. A fast food restaurant that appears in several Kevin Smith films is popping up in real life across the country, including South Florida. Disturbs. Soufflé. Deco got an exclusive taste of Mooby’s.

Mooby’s is in the movies, and now he’s appearing in the flesh at Tin Roof in Delray Beach.

Deco mooooooooved up to Delray to check out this creation from prolific director Kevin Smith, who is also half of the iconic duo Jay and Silent Bob.

Derek Berry, Mooby’s: “Kevin was involved every step of the way. He named every item on the menu, figured out the color schemes and everything.

Derek Berry is Kev’s partner in “Dine”.

While this restaurant is total fan service for fans of the Kevin Smith movies, Derek says not to judge a VHS by its box cover.

Derek Berry: “We know people are going to come here and take pictures and things, but the food is just as important. We like to say it’s fast food run by a chef. Cow Tipper is the go-to item. When people say, “What do I get? What should I have at Mooby’s? ‘ I would say it’s the Cow Tipper.

This thing has two cheeseburger patties with Mooby’s house sauce.

They also have a secret menu item.

Derek Berry: “In each city, we work locally with our chef to prepare a secret menu item. At Delray, it’s a Cow Tipper on a milkshake.

The secret is out, I guess.

Chandler Patty, dinner: “My God, it’s banging. Scrumshidillyumptious.

What a great description!

Derek Berry: “Our teams are also fun. We have tater tots – Hater Tots – which come from “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot”, and we have Onion Rings to Rule Them All, which come from “Clerks iII”.

And get this: Mooby’s menu is 50% vegan, for good reason.

Derek Berry: “No one expected Mooby’s to think about dietary restrictions. Kevin suffered a heart attack a few years ago, nearly died from it, changed his entire diet, and went vegan.

One thing you will find here that you won’t see in the movies: alcohol. Have your choice of beer or cool cocktails.

Johnny Holt, dinner: “I drank the Hunch Punch. It’s very sweet, very alcoholic. I love her so much.”

Hey, if “Clerks II” and “III” star Rosario Dawson loves Mooby’s, odds are you’ll like it, too.

Derek Berry: “We’re trying to think, for example, that this is a touring version of Disney for fans of Kevin Smith. You step into Kevin Smith’s world and you eat it too.

Mooby’s is open until September 21. Kevin plans to spend the day of the closing.

Mooby Delray Beach

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KFC Suspends Ads For Its Chicken Offerings. here’s why Wed, 08 Sep 2021 00:38:00 +0000

Problems with the US chicken supply began to be felt in April, after a ‘once in a lifetime’ cold snap over the winter in Texas and neighboring states killed some chickens. in states that are major poultry producers, according to USA Today. . Adding to the supply issues earlier this year are increased demand for wings as comfort foods during the COVID-19 pandemic and the growing number of fast food chains jumping on the fried chicken sandwich train. We have to thank the viral debut of the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich in 2019, according to the Washington Post. The chicken sandwich concept first introduced by Chick-fil-A continues to be a winner, with McDonald’s reporting that its new sandwich in the Chick-fil-A mold has exceeded expectations when it was introduced at the start of this season. year.

Chicken processing rebounded in the spring, according to USA Today, after a drop resulting from poultry deaths last winter. KFC currently has no problem retaining copious amounts of its long-standing bone-in chicken cuts. The problem now is a labor shortage that is reducing the supply of boneless options that require more labor for processing, per Fortune. These would include breast meat for sandwiches, chicken nuggets, and KFC offerings you won’t be seeing on TV anytime soon.

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Food is medicine | @theU Fri, 03 Sep 2021 21:19:11 +0000

What you eat is one of the most important factors for your health. But far too few healthcare professionals take the time to discuss preventative measures like healthy eating with their patients, said Dr Marion Nestlé.

She plans to highlight this issue in a future speech at the next “Virtual conference “Food is Medicine”, hosted by the University of Utah College of Health and the Utah Community Nutrition Center (UCCN).

Nestlé is a consumer advocate, nutritionist, award-winning author and internationally renowned scholar specializing in the policy of food and diet choices. She will deliver the keynote address, “Diet and Health: What Healthcare Professionals Should Tell Clients About Diet and Nutrition,” at the September 11 conference.

Healthcare professionals, their patients and our diet

Marion Nestle
Photo by Bill Hayes

Nestlé’s talk will focus on the impact healthcare professionals can have on preventive health just by talking to their patients about diet. Unfortunately, Nestlé said, too few medical professionals are doing this.

“Doctors are lucky if they have 15 minutes with the patient,” Nestlé said. “It’s not enough time to find out what people are eating or talk about what they should eat.”

This is a particularly urgent problem, as many patients who see a doctor have problems with diet.

“There is a huge need for doctors to advise patients on diet, but there is no time to do so,” Nestlé said. “There is a tremendous amount of evidence that the people who have the most influence on changing people’s diets are their people. [health providers]. “

Examine the links between diet and health

The link between diet and health is one of the main areas of study of the RVCU. UCCN was founded at the University of Utah in 2017 to combine ongoing nutrition research with community outreach to improve the health of Utahns, said Dr Julie Metos, executive director of the UCCN.

Part of this awareness is the “Food is Medicine” conference for healthcare professionals and students. The conference is also open to anyone interested in learning more, Metos said.

Other conference topics will range from convenient food preparation, how low-income people can meet their nutritional needs, to other integrated wellness and health practices and sessions for professionals. health, Metos said.

Simply start for a lasting effect

“We live in a pretty toxic environment when it comes to nutrition; the things available to us in offices, schools, churches… the way we set up our neighborhoods with fast food, ”said Metos. “Our environment does not encourage us to eat healthy.

Nestlé said the increase in “ultra-processed foods” is one of the recent contributors to poor health. Ultra-processed foods are a specific category of junk food associated with weight gain, chronic disease, and higher mortality.

Ultra-processed foods are easy to recognize:

  • It is produced industrially
  • Its ingredients are things you don’t recognize and can’t be bought in grocery stores.
  • You can’t do it in your kitchen at home

For example, Nestlé said, corn on the cob is not processed. Frozen or canned corn is minimally processed, but corn chips are ultra-processed and unhealthy.

People might be tempted to go cold turkey and quit meats and processed foods altogether. Following such a rigorous diet could be difficult to maintain, Metos said. Small steps are the key to success.

“Can you make one meal a day without meat?” Said Metos. “Or a Monday without meat?” All of these things can make a pretty big change.

The conference aims to help participants walk away with reasonable and achievable nutritional goals:

  • Choose options that are avant-garde
  • Choose drinks wisely
  • Pay attention to portion sizes
  • Practice Mindful Eating, and more

While the problem with our modern diet is complicated, Nestlé said the solution is simple.

“Michael Pollan could say it in seven words,” Nestlé said. “Eat food, not too much, mainly plants. “

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Coral Springs Commission to Vote on New Popeyes Location »Coral Springs Talk Wed, 01 Sep 2021 01:57:13 +0000

By Bryan Boggiano

Coral Springs takes one step closer to opening a restaurant where residents can “love that Popeyes Chicken”.

On Wednesday, the city commission will discuss whether to allow CR Cypress Run, LLC, to develop a Popeyes Louisiana kitchen in 10599-10667 Boulevard de l’Atlantique Ouest, allowing conditional use and a special exception to an escape route.

According to a city memo, while the land use planning code allows fast food restaurants in community business zoning districts, drive-thru requires conditional use approval.

For this to be approved, Popeyes must not adversely affect surrounding residential areas, proposed uses, or existing uses. The restaurant must promote the objectives and goals of the overall plan and meet buffering requirements.

The note notes that there will be landscaped buffer zones on all sides, with additional landscaping around the building, drive-thru and parking lot.

These companies are also the subject of noise and traffic studies. According to documents, the city noise consultant reviewed a study concluding that the sound generated by vehicles and driving speakers would not exceed city limits. The city’s traffic advisor has also reviewed the plan and believes that traffic would not be a problem.

Popeyes must meet other requirements: limiting deliveries between 7:30 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., equipping the drive-thru box with automatic volume control, having wall panels that comply with city code, and planting tall trees to be consistent. with the property and be substantially developed according to the site plan.

The second point to be discussed is a special exception to the land use planning code requirements for an escape route.

Currently, the land use planning code states that there must be three separate lanes for drive-thru businesses: a 10-foot drive-thru, a 10-foot escape route, and a 12-foot traffic lane. and 24 feet.

Based on its proposed layout, Popeyes would be required to provide an escape route on the east, west and south sides of the property. Due to limitations, this route would only be on the west side and part of the south side.

City staff worked with Cypress Run, LLC to ensure the property was optimal for traffic. They also worked with developers to meet code requirements.

Popeyes is a Louisiana-based fast food restaurant located in Davie, Pompano Beach, Lauderdale Lakes, Lauderhill, and Oakland Park. In 2019, they started selling chicken sandwiches to compete with other fast food restaurants, and within weeks they sold out.

Send your news to Coral Springs, the # 1 award-winning news site here.

Author profile

Bryan boggiano

A journalism graduate from the University of Florida, Bryan is pursuing his master’s degree in geosciences at Florida International University. He has a strong interest in weather, entertainment and journalism.

Transnora Limousine
tailor-made electrical solutions
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The best digital ad spend from Uber Eats and Hungry Jack for delivery and fast food Wed, 25 Aug 2021 00:02:53 +0000

Hungry Jack’s and Uber Eats topped digital ad spend for fast food and delivery respectively from March 1, 2020 to July 31, 2021, according to new data from Pathmatics.

The new data compares digital ad spend for fast food brands Hungry Jack’s, Yum Brands (parent company of KFC), McDonald’s, Subway, Nando’s and Domino’s Pizza, and delivery brands Uber Eats, Menulog, DoorDash and Deliveroo.

In terms of food delivery services during a period of lockdown and restrictions, Uber Eats topped the category, with Menulog and DoorDash second and third respectively with similar spending.

Pathmatics also provided a month-by-month spending breakdown, shown below.


While Uber Eats topped the category overall, Menulog’s digital ad spend has increased over the past month, with lockdowns underway due to the COVID-19 Delta strain.

Menulog spent 97% of their digital budget on YouTube, likely as part of a global partnership deal.

Deliveroo has consistently spent less than its competitors on digital advertising, spending 5% of total Uber Eats digital advertising spend since March 2020.

In terms of fast food brands, Hungry Jack’s leads the category, followed by Yum Brands (KFC) and then McDonald’s.

McDonald’s spent significantly less than KFC and Hungry Jack’s, although Domino’s spent the least of the brands compared.

YouTube was the number one site for ad spend during this period for these brands, with $ 561 million spent. Facebook came in second with $ 9.7 million spent.

Pathmatics Regional Director Eugene du Plessis commented: “While take out was once considered a treat by many, a growing number of Australians have had to rely on fast food brands and delivery services so that we were struggling with varying degrees of lockdown. For people currently living in NSW, confined within a 5 km radius and stay-at-home orders, they are particularly dependent on these services. “

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Russian journalists face crackdown with black humor and subscribers Mon, 23 Aug 2021 00:14:07 +0000

RIGA, Latvia – There is a certain type of American podcast where two young journalists investigate their own medium height issues, laugh a lot, interview their mothers.

Sonya Groysman, a 27-year-old Moscow journalist working for the independent news site Proekt, was a fan of the shows. So when she and her colleague Olga Churakova had problems, it seemed natural to start recording. But the issues they discussed in this familiar format are terrifying and existential. Last month, the two women were placed on the Russian government’s list of “foreign agents”, a designation that threatens to end their careers and, if they don’t fill out tons of paperwork and attach a 24-word warning. even to personal social media. posts, could mean hefty fines and jail time.

So their podcast is called “Hi, you are a foreign agent”. The first episode begins with Mrs. Groysman stumbling, laughing, through the disclaimer, which translates to: “THIS MEDIA / MATERIAL WAS CREATED AND / OR BROADCAST BY FOREIGN MEDIA PERFORMING THE DUTIES OF A FOREIGN AGENT AND / OR A RUSSIAN LEGAL AGENT. ENTITY PERFORMING THE DUTIES OF FOREIGN AGENT. In another episode, Ms Churakova unsuccessfully tries to get a job at a fast food restaurant chain specializing in blinis after explaining her new status.