Central Texas Restaurant Report Card: 10.21.21

(KWTX) – Here is this week’s restaurant report card for central Texas.

The Chopsticks 2 at 903 North IH-35 at Bellmead got a 73 during a recent inspection. According to the health worker, the prepared wontons, egg rolls and raw chicken were in boxes rather than containers and had to be discarded.

There was raw octopus stored above a container of vegetables. The raw meat cutting machine has not been disinfected. The inspector caught an employee who was eating and not washing his hands before preparing meals for customers.

In fact, the report noted that improperly washed hands were a problem with staff. There was food cooked in the cooler for 24 hours without a label.

The workers were not wearing hair restraints and there were boxes of food on the floor in the cooler – against the rules. This place needed a re-inspection.


Family bakery inside the Heritage Homestead Market at 169 Halbert Lane in Waco scored an 83 during a recent inspection.

According to the health worker, there were undetectable levels of chlorine in the dishwasher, which meant it was not disinfecting properly.

There was old food debris on a saucepan, unlabeled spray bottles with bleach and vinegar, and flies in the bakery.

Workers used unapproved fly bands over the preparation area. There was a deteriorating bread container, missing ceiling tiles, and holes in the walls. This place needed a re-inspection.


This week Price of the clean plate go to King Noodles & Bar at 910 East Central Texas Expressway in Killeen.

This place obviously serves noodles but also dumplings, soups, rice dishes and offers an extensive sake menu. Try the seaweed salad, octopus balls.

Or if you’re feeling more traditional, Mongolian beef rice and orange chicken might work.

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