Cerealism | New cereal bar and cafe open in Old Sacramento

Cerealism Cafe plans to “bring morning vibes to your everyday life” by taking your favorite cereal and turning it into food.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A new cafe in Old Sacramento will soon serve all your favorite cereals and sweets.

Cerealism Cafe plans to “bring morning vibes to your everyday life” by taking your favorite cereal and turning it into food.

With over 75 cereal options, guests can enjoy a simple bowl of cereal or you can mix and match, add any of the 50 available toppings, choose and customize your milk and milk flavors, and even turn it into a bowl of ice cream. or a milkshake served in a milk carton.

They also serve grain toast, grain sushi, grain tacos, etc. However, if your sweet tooth isn’t so sweet, Cerealism also offers keto-friendly cereal, overnight oats, and fresh fruit from the local farmers’ market for toppings.

There are four bedrooms, all with a different theme. Eat your sweet treats in Toucan Sam’s Froot Loop room, Captain Crunch Island Beach Club room, Lucky Charms room, or even the Super Mario room where you can watch vintage cartoons, and play board games and video games .

“I wanted to develop a space that, while we’re paying homage to cereal, you should be able to be immersed in that particular brand of cereal no matter where you’re sitting,” said owner Laterica Reddix-Espinoza.

12 years ago, Reddix-Espinoza was with her sister reminiscing about their childhood and explaining to their children how Saturdays were the best days for them.

“Saturday morning was an event,” Reddix-Espinoza said. “It was something to look forward to. You didn’t wake your mom, you went to get your bowl of cereal and watched cartoons. We didn’t have that 24-hour cartoon experience. , it was something you were expecting just on Saturday.”

After dreaming about it for years, Reddix-Espinoza made his dreams come true and started creating it.

In 2019, Cerealism was selected as one of the top five finalists in the Calling All Dreamers competition in downtown Sacramento. From there, Reddix-Espinoza took all the information she learned and all the support she received and officially secured her spot at 128 K Street in Old Sacramento.

“It was a challenge,” Reddix-Espinoza said. “It was hard to get funding and it didn’t come without a lot of no’s and a lot of closed doors. But no one can stop a vision, no one can stop your dreams. It was a lot of hard work. not to do it, but it worked.”

Reddix-Espinoza also mentioned that she sells an immersive experience by targeting Millennials and Gen Z because she feels they understand content creation.

“Sacramento needs space for Gen Z,” Reddix-Espinoza said. “We have some of the best restaurants in the world here in Sacramento, but I just think some areas lack creativity. We don’t have places for a younger crowd to go and hang out, so I really wanted this space be reflective of that and I wanted to create an environment where young people can be comfortable.”

After years of work, its creation is almost complete. Cerealism plans to fully open in October 2022 and is currently looking for people to hire.

For those interested in creating content and working at Cerealism, you can send your information and resume to [email protected]

For further updates, you can follow them on Instagram at @cerealismsac or on Tik Tok at @cerealism_.

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