Crazy chicken fans line up for Raising Cane’s first East Bay location

Raising Cane’s, a popular Louisiana tender chicken chain that is rapidly expanding in California and beyond, is serving its first East Bay customers on Thursday.

Located in a strip mall at 8430 Edgewater Drive, not far from the Oakland Coliseum, the fast-food restaurant is the second Raising Cane’s to open in the Bay Area, and it won’t be the last: a previously reported location in Berkeley is is also expected to open this summer, and a restaurant in Hayward will open next year, according to the company. Raising Cane’s debuted in the area with a location in Vacaville earlier this year.

Raising Cane’s new location expects a warm welcome from local “Caniacs” – the company’s term for fans – who sampled Cane’s chicken at one of its nearly 700 locations in 35 states. . In anticipation of the opening in Oakland, an anonymous Google reviewer claimed to be sleeping in a tent outside the location. “I can’t wait to be the first person to be served, or even [get] a chance at the job,” they wrote. The restaurant is built with a double kitchen and double wide drive-thru. During the pandemic, Cane’s locations in Los Angeles have drawn one-hour drive-thru lines, Eater LA reported.

Raising Cane’s brief menu focuses on chicken fingers, the crispy breading of which is never dulled, according to the company, by heat lamps, which it claims it does not own. Sides include crinkle fries, coleslaw, Texas toast, and spicy mayonnaise sauce. A chicken sandwich option is simply three fingers of Cane’s chicken on a toasted bun with lettuce and gravy. Drinks include fountain drinks and sweet tea. A four-finger combo, with fries, toast, gravy, and a drink, costs $10.29; a sandwich combo is $8.99.

Raising Cane’s was founded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1996, where it catered to students at nearby Louisiana State University. In the years since, it has seen massive growth – as has chicken consumption nationwide, which has risen from 69.7 pounds per capita in 1996 to 98.3 pounds per capita in 2022, according to the National Chicken Council data. And even as independent restaurants continue to struggle during the pandemic, chains would thrive in the Bay Area, expanding, like Cane’s, across the region.

Raising the cane. 9am-2am Sunday-Wednesday, 9am-3.30am Thursday-Saturday. 8430 Edgewater Drive, Oakland.

This story has been updated to include the location of Vacaville.

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