Crisp review: Sheffield’s vegan fast food takeaway with rave reviews

If there’s one thing vegan food lovers know, it’s that it can be hard to find something you might like. While it’s great to see a lot more restaurants offering vegan options in recent years, it’s not uncommon to find that you’re limited to one or two options from a large menu.

So, as a vegetarian for years, you can imagine my excitement when I heard about Saucy, an all-vegan fast food takeaway with rave reviews in Sheffield.

To me, the Nether Edge Restaurant felt like a dream, with Google reviews proclaiming its choices as “outstanding, “amazing,” and “better than meat.” So I decided to fulfill my dreams and try it for myself.

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With two friends, one vegan and the other who normally loves meat, I ordered takeout via Deliveroo.

Eager to try as many as possible, I opted for a classic chicken burger, and my buddies went for a classic chicken burger and a breaded burger (yes, I said breaded burger. More to come soon) . Then we opted for two servings of mac and cheese: an original, sprinkled with onions, and a bacon, sprinkled with a bacon substitute. And we chose rosemary salt fries, garlic salt fries and sweet potato fries to share between us.

While the website gave you the option to customize meals with add-ons, I had trouble finding a place to make a note asking for the options to be removed, which was a shame when the burgers were loaded with toppings that not everyone might like it. But undeterred, we placed our order and then waited excitedly.

Luckily, we didn’t have long to wait and opened the boxes as soon as we got our hands on them, giving off the classic fast food aroma. However, we were surprised when we saw the beaten burger, the option we were most looking forward to seeing.

In a true homage to fast food, Saucy serves up a beef patty in a brioche bun, all dipped in batter and baked. Sounds glorious, right? Well, it could have looked better.

While the whole burger was browned and crispy as promised, there were clear marks – from what appeared to be a hand – deep in the batter. Maybe these were from pliers, and maybe there’s no way to avoid it, but it doesn’t look the most appetizing.

Saucy serves a breaded vegan burger

A small point of presentation aside, the rest of our order looked amazing. And I’m happy to report that it was just as good: it was the vegan fast food I always dreamed of.

My southern fried chicken style burger was perfectly crispy. Although I can’t comment on the taste of the meat, it was really tasty and went well with the saucy mayonnaise, American mustard, ketchup and fresh salad foamed over it.

A hearty size too, I found it to be good value for money. My friend was also impressed with her beef burger; although she warns that the sauce has a very strong pickle taste, so it’s not for the faint-hearted.

My second friend, who is obsessed with pickles, loved her battered burger for that reason. While she felt a bit put off by her mammoth fried order, she was glad she picked her up to experience the novelty.

Although she said she would go for a more traditional option next time, it convinced her to order again. And that must surely be taken as praise, because after first umming and ahhing if she wanted to order vegan, my non-vegan friend was firmly convinced.

If you’re still not convinced, I think hearing about our add-ons will be enough. Since Saucy is not only vegan, but has an extensive menu, there’s plenty of fast food to go. And we loved our mac and cheese and fries.

I’d say the burgers are the star, so go for it, but the mac and cheese is a great addition if you’re up for it. Cheese and bacon are two of the trickiest things to serve vegan, but Saucy delivers.

Their cheese sauce is so creamy you’ll be hard pressed to tell it’s vegan, and the faux bacon was one of the best we’ve ever tried. And the fries were seasoned to perfection. I can’t recommend one flavor over another as I loved them all.

So this is it. Saucy is definitely worth the salt. With so many other options, this is truly the feast that vegans crave.

With hot dogs, chicken wraps, lunch boxes, fried chicken, wings and pizza slices, there’s so much we haven’t tried. But from what we ordered – and we struggled to get by – we had a delicious meal. All three of us can’t wait to order again.

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  • Classic chicken burger £8
  • Garlic salt fries 4€
  • Original Mac €3.50
  • Cheeseburger £8.50
  • Sweet potato fries 5€
  • Macaroni with bacon 4 €
  • The Beaten Burger €8.50
  • Rosemary salt fries €4.50

Delivery costs €2.49

Service charge £2.30

Total – £50.79

705 Abbeydale Road Sheffield S7 2BE

Available on City Grab, UberEats and Deliveroo

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