De-stress with cats at the First Cat Café in Syracuse


If you’re looking for a place to relax, look no further than Syracuse’s premier cat cafe, Pawsitivitea CNY Café, and Cat Lounge.

Over the past few years, cat cafes have grown in popularity around the world. When Alisha Reynolds took a trip to Virginia, she had the idea of ​​creating one of her own in Syracuse. Pawsitivitea CNY opened in September 2020 and works in partnership with local shelters and shelters to house their “resident” cats in order to find them a home forever.

The building is split in two with the cafe and the separate cat lounge. Baked snacks and ‘Purr over Coffee’ visitors can grab a bite to eat and relax with the cats during their stay. One hour of tour costs $ 9.13 per person. You can also book private tours. Registration is required but you are not required to adopt during the visit.

Reynolds says the feedback from the community has been great. She tells us “Lots of people come in and you know it’s like I feel so relaxed after leaving here.” The Cat Café also offers various other cat-themed events such as “Mewvie Nights” as well as painting and game nights throughout the month.

Pawsitivitea CNY holds its first adoption day open on Saturday, June 19e from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. In addition to their current residents, Wayward Paws and Oswego SPCA will be bringing more cats for adoption. You can apply and adopt on site.

Pawsitivitea CNY Café and Cat Lounge are located at the Regional Market Commons at 2100 Park St., Space 309. You can call them at 315-807-8936 or visit them online at

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