Delicacy or disgusting? London restaurant has stuffed duck neck on menu

In the post-COVID era, the world is awakening to a new reality, especially when it comes to food. People are more and more aware of what they are eating and are trying to reduce their meat consumption. It’s not only healthier for us in terms of food, but it makes sense given concerns about climate change. If you are one of that category of people who are considering switching to a plant-based or vegan diet, this might be what you need to read today. A London restaurant called Westerns Laundry made headlines after a photo of one of its dishes went viral. The restaurant serves a duck neck stuffed with lentils and turnips. Take a look at the image here:

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Westerns Laundry is an organic seafood restaurant, and it focuses on “advocating for regenerative producers”. The dish in question was the stuffed duck neck, served with turnips and lentils as mentioned in its new menu. All of the bird’s beak and eyes were intact as can be seen in the photo, unlike the usual duck dishes.

The restaurant revealed that the idea behind the dish was to use every part of the animal in the cooking process. “We love to honor the lives of the animals we cook with by using all of their parts. Too much waste is created in our industry by buying valuable cuts and throwing the rest of the animal out,” the caption read. publication.

Twitter users were shocked to read the strange duck neck dish. Some said it was actually delicious while others didn’t want to eat a bite of it. “Yum” said one user while another said: “A Gascon favorite.” Another disagreed, “No, that’s too much,” in the comments section of the post.

Take a look at other reactions on Twitter:

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The stuffed duck neck isn’t the only dish to shock Internet users in the recent past. Recently a woman in the UK was shocked to find a fried chicken head in her KFC meal. She was disgusted and left a two star review for the fast food giant, after which they responded to her as well. Click here to read more about the story.

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