Dependent on British pastry?

First of all, I must clarify that I understand that 4th of July is much more than a breakup that we had with England a few years ago.

The 4th of July speaks of these ideals that we quote so often in the Declaration of Independence: That we are created equal, that our rights come from God and not from a king or a political party, and that it is from our responsibility to refuse otherwise.

These are the things I feel when I defend the flag or woo hoo for the fireworks.

Yet, there is something that has been stuck in my stomach for several months.

If we Americans were declared independent from the crown 245 years ago, then why am I forced to watch the Great British Baking Show every day of 2021?

Maybe saying “forced to watch” is a little misleading in this post-dating TV world, especially considering my status as an adult male (if not independent). The point is, my wife plays a lot in our house these days as she catches up with seasons past.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, The Great British Baking Show is a baking contest that started on the BBC and has 11 seasons available on Netflix, plus a few spinoff specials. It’s similar to the ocean of reality contests where contestants are eliminated until a champion is alone.

I love the British, but it bothers me a bit that even though we speak the same language, I often have no idea if they are laughing at me or laughing at me. i have a good sense of humor; I’m a little late with my sense of humor.

I’m concerned about how many reasons this show doesn’t quite fit my idea of ​​what makes America great, although some of them apply to reality shows in general:

1. I have heard a few sarcastic references in the series to a “very American” food. (At least I think it’s sneaky. Again, I have no sense of humor.) What they think they mean is it’s too sweet. What they subconsciously mean is it’s delicious.

2. I’m sick of all the reality TV crying, and a bakery tray seems a particularly odd place for people to sniff even when they’re knocked out of the competition. These shows put the contestants through an emotional ringtone to try and make them shed tears that I don’t want to see.

I might be a little cretaceous, but before you send myself hateful messages, please know that I know that it is normal for an adult to cry. But not because celebrity chef and judge Paul Hollywood thought your sponge was dry.

(The drying out of sponges seems epidemic in the English countryside).

3. I am the connoisseur of GOAT cookies. I am the GOAT cookie eater. I might not be the GOAT cookie maker, but I’m not bad.

On the other hand, I really hate a bad cookie. That’s why my relationship with Chick-fil-A never made the jump to breakfast.

But when they tell us on The Great British Baking Show that they’re going to be baking cookies, well, it’s time to switch to TVLand and watch Gunsmoke reruns because British Biscuits look sorry. (At least they look sorry when I’m all excited about the anticipation of the cookies.)

4. One of my personal goals during a pandemic was to be in better shape. Frankly, it’s not easy with a cake and pies background on a screen. And it is certainly not easy when my wife is often inspired by said cakes and pies.

Watching back-to-back seasons reveals that Hollywood itself has had to shed his shirt more and more frequently. Staying in shape is hard enough for a Southern boy like me without having to contend with international temptation.

Because even though this show doesn’t seem to fit my comfort zone, I’m in it. The food often looks great, the humor that comes to me is pretty good, and it’s not as ridiculous as some of our reality shows.

I love it almost as much as I enjoyed watching Emeril Lagasse when he took his first BAM on national television.

It was a long time ago, wasn’t it?

Around the time I started dating, if I remember correctly.

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