DOH Temporarily Shuts Maui Pizzeria Over Cockroach Infestation

HONOLULU (KHON2) – Nikki’s Pizza, located in the food court in Whaler’s Village, remains closed for a severe pest infestation following a routine inspection by the Hawaii State Department of Health on August 31.

DOH inspectors discovered critical violations at the Lahaina restaurant, including several cockroach traps stapled to the ceiling and to a prep fridge in the kitchen.

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When the traps were removed, inspectors found 50 to 70 dead cockroaches and about six live cockroaches in each of the seven traps. Rodent droppings were also found on top of a refrigerator, and a rodent “rub mark” was seen in the front service area. The DOH said the buildup of food debris found under kitchen equipment could have been an attractive potential for pests.

Additional violations include the following:

  • Cockroach pupa in cold preparation (indicating an active population);
  • A hole in the kitchen ceiling (allowing the entry of parasites);
  • The two-door prep refrigeration had potentially hazardous foods that were not kept at proper temperatures;
  • Use a hand-washing sink to clean soiled pots;
  • Lack of disinfection step after washing kitchen utensils; and
  • Hand washing and use of incorrect gloves.

After a follow-up inspection on September 2, the red “Closed” sign remains in place due to active pest activity. Another inspection is scheduled for Friday September 10.

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