“Dwyane Wade to host US version of UK game show”: TBS offers Heat legend contract to follow in NFL footsteps of Alex Trebek and Aaron Rodgers

Athletes generally do not have the opportunity to watch television for reasons other than their old sport. But Dwyane Wade shatters stereotypes in this regard.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a really popular game show taking off in the United States. “Are you faster than a 5th student ???” and “Who wants to be a millionaire?” are just a few of these ideas.

There are also various quiz games in this category that have been popularized as a game show in the United States. “Jeopardy” and “The Weakest Link” are two ideas borrowed from ideas for British TV shows.

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These aren’t the only two ideas common to British and American reality TV shows, either. There’s the X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, and British Idol, all of which have British origins.

Game shows, however, are less often scammed / imitated by American showrunners. It seems that there is less translatability of these game formats to the American audience compared to the British. However, Dwyane Wade is on the verge of making a change to this status quo.

Dwyane Wade to host, executive producer of US version of The Cube

Dwyane Wade has been announced as the host of an upcoming game show on TBS called The cube. A description of that show, as provided in Deadline, is as follows:

“In The cube, pairs of competitors are forced to participate in a series of challenges inside a small plexiglass cube. It shows how even simple tasks like catching, throwing, estimating, memorizing and balancing were more difficult when confined and under pressure in a small area surrounded by a large live studio audience. “

“Working against the clock, each pair has nine lives to complete seven games, each worth an increasing amount of money as they get closer to the jackpot.”

The show premieres on June 10, which is not far from now. It is clearly a competition of both talent and poise under high pressure circumstances. And you’d expect an NBA Finals MVP to be the perfect brand ambassador for such a show. Take a look below.

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