Enter Stafford’s royal themed cafe which houses 900 pieces of royal memorabilia

Cup a Cha contains 900 pieces of royal memorabilia

Amy Walsh opened a British tea room called Cup a Cha in January 2016, and says it was a “complete accident” that it became a haven for royal memorabilia.

“When we started we had a lot of royal china that was passed down through my family, so we made a royal corner,” said Amy, 35.

“But we were burglarized, just eight months after opening, and a lot of royal memorabilia was destroyed. People got wind of it and people donated a lot of items – and it evolved from there.

“The theme has really taken off, we now have almost 900 memorabilia pieces.”

The Cup a Cha cafe in Stafford
Royal sparrow hanging in cafe
Some of the royal memorabilia from Cup a Cha
Royal photos and memorabilia on display in the cafe
Amy in Cup a Cha

The cafe’s collection contains some very unique items, including 22 letters to the cafe from the royal family – and one of them is even handwritten.

Amy said: “We have letters from members of the Royal Family including The Queen, Charles, Philip, Kate and Wills. We even received a handwritten letter from Princess Eugenie after her wedding.

“We also have a photo of one of our regulars, Derek Tamea, who was a professional photographer.

“He gave us a picture of the Queen with the Lancashire Regiment – and only three copies of that picture exist.”

A handwritten letter to Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s cafe after their wedding
Amy with Derek, who gave the cafe the picture he took of the Lancashire Regiment, of which there are only three.

The cafe also has a former soldier’s Grenadier Guards uniform, a cross-stitch portrait of the Queen by a customer and a gold print edition of the Daily Mail front page for the coronation.

And in 2019 the cafe was given the Royal Seal of Approval, ‘meaning the Queen was aware of our existence’, Amy said, ‘which is something we can cherish now’.

Cup a Cha has welcomed floods of new customers over the past week, who flock to the tea room to soak up the royal atmosphere and express their grief.

Customers can feel reassured to see their late queen all around them, in countless photos, magazine covers and even banners.

Cup a Cha’s Book of Condolences for the Queen
The Teahouse Book of Condolences

“We had a lot of new faces, it’s just a shame it’s for such sad reasons,” Amy said.

“It’s a mix of emotions. People who can’t make it to Edinburgh or London think it’s the right place to say their final goodbyes.”

Amy took a coffee break on Thursday and traveled to London to pay her respects to the Queen and lay flowers outside Buckingham Palace.

“I was glued to the TV from 2:30 p.m. the day she died, and we knew it wasn’t just that she wasn’t doing great,” Amy said. “We could see the crowd outside Buckingham Palace and all the relatives who were going to see it.

“We knew this day was coming, the staff talk about it all the time here, knowing that one day it would happen.

“I felt very nervous going back to the tearoom on Saturday, because she’s everywhere. I’m just very happy that she had her platinum jubilee.”

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