Erbert & Gerbert’s plans to develop with a redesigned brand and a refocused menu

Midwestern-based sandwich shop Erbert Gerbert’s returns from pandemic closure with an eye on growth.

In fact, the brand – which was established in Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 1988 – is working on a multi-year plan to double its number of stores and profits through a variety of efforts, including a refocused menu, rebranding. and a refreshed store design along with the best 24/7 catering support.

“We are emerging from the pandemic with a game plan to accelerate growth through improved efficiency, increased quality and improved customer service,” Erbert & Gerbert CEO and President Eric Wolfe said in a statement on the brand’s plans, which match the industry’s forecast for strong growth in fast food and quick-service restaurants.

“We are 10% above market recovery, thanks to our ability to be nimble, respond quickly to consumer needs and deliver the products our loyal fans value the most. We also offer an incredible business opportunity for those looking to change jobs. A lot of people are reconsidering their priorities right now and owning a franchise is the perfect opportunity to become your own boss and start a rewarding new career.

Wolfe says the pandemic has prompted Erbert & Gerbert’s to refocus on what it does best: offering bold tasting sandwiches on their signature bread, as well as their soup kitchens.

To do this, they simplified their menu, thus improving the efficiency of operations. They’ll also be launching a list of limited-time offers (among them there will be a daring version of their The Northern Cheesesteak in November).

At the same time, they’ve doubled down on things like online and mobile ordering, take-out, in-store, and third-party delivery. The company is also improving its mobile app, which includes a strong loyalty program.

To facilitate the expansion, Erbert & Gerbert’s hired Tyler Schwecke, a former Jimmy John’s, as director of operations. Schwecke is responsible for streamlining and improving the brand’s operations at its current restaurants, as well as 18 new locations slated to open this year in places like Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Dakota. North, Ohio and Wisconsin.

“We have a working model that works in the current climate, which supports our expansion,” says Schwecke. “As a Midwestern company, we are excited to expand here in the Midwest with a mix of franchise and corporate stores. ”

Along with the growth, Erbert’s & Gerberts are expected to roll out a new ‘out of this world’ store design later this year, along with an all-new consumer-focused store concept.

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