Evanston Police investigate after multiple restaurants send racist letters – NBC Chicago

Evanston Police are investigating after a series of restaurants in the northern suburbs of Chicago this week received letters containing “highly offensive racist slurs,” the department confirmed.

Authorities said the first letter was sent to Ovo Frito Cafe on Monday. The letter appeared to be a bogus court order, “stating that there is no room for Blacks, Latinxes, Asians and members of the LGBTQ community at the restaurant or in that community,” the department said. .

The letter contained several racial slurs and said things like “we don’t need your Kung Flu”, according to a copy obtained by NBC 5. It demanded that the restaurant be closed or there would be consequences.

“If you don’t close immediately, you and your group will be faced with gang action indefinitely and you know exactly what a gang can do,” the letter read. “You cannot go to the police or the courts because we are the law.”

The letter had a return address for the Cook County Circuit Court at the Skokie Courthouse.

A day later, the owner of the Kabul House restaurant said he had received a similar letter.

And on Wednesday, the owner of the Mt. Everest restaurant received another one.

“This is the third letter that has been brought to our attention by our local restaurateurs,” police said in a statement on Thursday. “All of the letters appear to have similar content and contain fictitious signatures from judges at the Skokie Courthouse. The Evanston Police Department is working with the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department and the Postal Inspection of the United States regarding this investigation. “

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