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Employees at a Red Lobster seafood chain restaurant in Florida discovered an extremely rare orange lobster earlier this week.

Staff members immediately knew that the lobster they had received in a shipment at the restaurant was something different and went on a mission to find it a home, Red Lobster said in a July 12 press release.

Ripley’s Myrtle Beach Aquarium, also the scientific research center in Ripley, South Carolina, responded to the rescue mission, giving the lobster its new home.

The chance of finding the rare orange lobster is one in 30 million, Ripley said in a statement posted on its website.

Ripley’s Aquarium and Red Lobster Restaurant named the orange lobster “Cheddar” in an ode to the restaurant’s Cheddar Bay cookies.

Believe it or not! Extremely rare lobster found

Ripley said orange lobster sightings are very rare.

“Believe it or not! Orange lobsters like cheddar are extremely rare — one in 30 million chance — because their bright, unusual coloring makes them very attractive to predators,” Ripley said.

By comparison, the chance of finding a blue lobster, also very rare, is estimated at around one in 2 million, according to the University of Oxford’s Department of Zoology.

Employees are excited to find a new home for the orange lobster

“Sometimes ordinary miracles happen, and Cheddar is one of them,” Mario Roque, restaurant manager who led Cheddar’s rescue, said in a statement.

Nicole Bott, senior director of communications at Red Lobster, said her team was “incredibly proud of Mario” for recognizing the unique crustacean and finding it a home.

Ripley’s said Cheddar will forever be “protected in the safety of its new home” at the aquarium.

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