Famous Café Van Gogh in Stockwell is crowdfunded

With its roof painted to look like the starry night, the Van Gogh Cafe is inspired by (you guessed it) artist Vincent Van Gogh who lived on the corner of Hackford Road for a few months in 1873. As well as serving as a great vegan dishes like their Beetroot Borani and their Van Gogh Burger, the cafe’s mission is to train people with disabilities, learning difficulties, mental health issues – giving them the support and confidence to find gainful employment . At the moment they are focusing on indoor training, teaching barista and server skills. But they don’t want to stop there. Café Van Gogh wants to grow this success in the kitchen.

Separating the kitchen into sections means they can focus their training on specific skills like cheffing and carrying. A “prep” section would mean someone working alongside a chef or work coach at all times to learn the correct technique.

“We passionately believe that by expanding the work we do, we can change the narrative of what it means to be a person with a learning disability. We strive to build the confidence and skills of our participants and ultimately find them gainful employment, either with us or with other employers,” the cafe said.

So how do you make a donation? Simply type “Recipe for Success, Crowdfunder, Cafe Van Gogh” into your search engine or visit the link directly here.

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