Fast food chain Tim Hortons is getting closer to opening in Coventry

Plans to open a Tim Hortons in Coventry city center have come one step closer. Plans were submitted in March for the former Topshop store in Broadgate to be transformed into a Canadian fast food chain.

And now the planning request for the panels has been approved. The Tim Hortons illuminated signs were submitted as a separate application and the planning officer granted four interior signs and two exterior signs.

The potential 160-seat restaurant itself has yet to be approved. The decision was to be made on Wednesday May 4 after a public consultation, but it is still being processed.

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The building is Grade II listed and Coventry City Council said there were ‘no real delays or issues’ with the application, they are just ‘not sure exactly when it will be decided yet’. The plan submitted is to transform the old retail store and fill in the stairs that gave access to the basement – where Topman was based – and move them to the other side where the kitchen will be, making it accessible to staff. uniquely. .

CoventryLive reported on the request when it was submitted and explained that the ground floor will have the order point and checkouts with some seating and the first floor will be seating only. If approved, windows will also be added upstairs all around for diners to view Broadgate and the Upper Precinct.

This differs from what is currently in place – which is not a window and quite a dark space. The chain offers breakfast, burgers, wraps, hot dogs, toast, fries and sweet treats as well as a mix of hot and cold beverages. The nearest branch is currently in Birmingham.

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