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A current restaurant owner in Corry, Pennsylvania is calling himself an “ordinary man with common sense” to run for state representative in Pennsylvania’s fourth legislative district.

Jason Monn is a former councilor for the town of Corry, as well as a former mayor.

Monn has spent the past nine months traveling through Pennsylvania in the Gubernational race.

He is currently running for State Representative in Pennsylvania’s Fourth Legislative District.

The slogan “a regular guy with common sense” was born after his restaurant closed twice.

Monn drove four hours to Harrisburg and sat on the steps of the Capitol for ten hours hoping he would speak with an official, but his plan was unsuccessful.

It was then that he realized that ordinary people needed a voice.

“Judicial reform is a big issue for us. We’ve been through a lot in our family and by allowing the judges to judge, we elect those people, and then we tell them how they should do their jobs. I think we need to open this up a bit,” said Jason Monn, candidate, PA Fourth Legislative District.

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Monn seeks to take the normal, everyday aspects and make them easier in people’s lives during her candidacy.

‘The missions are very complementary:’ Max’s Positive Vibe Café will not reopen but Natalie’s Taste of Lebanon will take over the space | Economic news Sat, 15 Jan 2022 14:05:00 +0000

“In a way, he paved the way. I’m very grateful that we can continue to do that. The missions are very complementary,” Irani said. “Natalie likes to say it’s pay it forward.”

The Positive Vibe Foundation, which ran the restaurant and the job training program, will continue to provide the job training, Larcen said.

This part of the foundation’s work will take place in the restaurant space of Natalie’s Taste of Lebanon. Training usually takes place in the morning, Larcen said.

It’s been a tough two years for Positive Vibe Café since the restaurant closed in March 2020, he said. Plans called for the restaurant to reopen twice in the past year, but the delta and omicron variants thwarted those plans.

“We were still trying to find a chance to reopen. Due to the number of employees we have compromised immunity, we had to be more careful than other restaurants due to exposure and risk,” Larcen said.

Being able to strike a deal with Natalie’s Taste of Lebanon to operate the restaurant and the Positive Vibe Foundation which runs the training program was the best possible outcome, he said.

Having a restaurant is important, he said, because it provides real hands-on experience for students. “That was one of the great things about having the restaurant because it served as a lab for the training program,” he said.

The Middle East launches the first-ever vegan food festival at Expo 2020 Dubai, January 14-30 Sat, 15 Jan 2022 02:54:27 +0000

Expo Dubai 2020 seeks to position the UAE as a culinary capital, with over 250 food concepts from 191 countries all in one place. And from January 14-30, 2022, it hosts the Middle East’s first-ever vegan food festival, in association with Veganuary and Dubai Vegan Days. The festival takes place at the Festival Garden (access to the event is included with the Expo 2020 Dubai ticket) and brings together plant-based chefs and restaurants, food trucks and regional favorites, alongside a lineup DJs who will play every evening until 2 am.

Some of the concepts to look forward to include Erpingham House, the UK’s largest plant-based restaurant (by square footage); Holy Carrot, a British plant-based restaurant serving Asian-inspired dishes; Papa Burty’s by TV presenter Layne Redman serving Jamaican patties; Evergreen Organics, Qatar’s first vegan cafe, and Mylk, a chocolate and ice cream concept store, also from Doha.

Also in attendance is plant-based celebrity chef Matthew Kenney’s Veg’d, his take-out fast food concept based on California’s Costa Mesa. Its other concepts, the Xyst inspired by the Middle East; Mudra, known for its gourmet comfort food; and MAKE food truck, are located at Terra, the sustainability pavilion.

On January 29 and 30, Not Just For Vegans, the region’s largest vegan pop-up market will also take place at Festival Gardens, featuring over 60 brands of sustainable fashion, jewelry and accessories, as well as a vegan spa and biological, children’s activities and talks with the chef.

Additionally, restaurants at the Expo 2020 site are also participating in Veganuary. They include Alkebulan, which will host a 10-day pop-up from chef Glory Kabe; Bread Ahead, which will host vegan baking classes throughout January; plus vegan options at Adrift Burger Bar, Kutir, Long Chim, Café Milano, The Local Aussie Grill, Mangrove Philippines Cuisine, Melbourne Lane and Sky Market.

For more information visit Expo Dubai 2020 website

UK energy firm apologizes after sending socks to thousands of customers during crisis Fri, 14 Jan 2022 22:50:00 +0000

E.ON Next sent socks to around 30,000 homes with a tag attached saying that reducing their heating would reduce CO2. Households had taken part in an “energy saving campaign” last year, The Guardian reported.

The sock message couldn’t have come at a worse time – UK households are facing soaring energy bills due to a combination of cold weather, nuclear power plant shutdowns in France and a reduced gas flow from Russia. UK consumers will pay around £790 ($1,075) more this year for heating and lighting their homes, according to Bank of America.

The energy company released an apology on Twitter, saying they are “incredibly sorry”. CNN Business has contacted E.ON Next for comment.

“If you recently received a pair of socks from us, we would like to say that we are extremely sorry for how we have made some people feel,” said the Tweeter noted. “Given the severity of the current challenges many people are facing, this shipment should have been stopped and we apologize for that.”

Customers have taken to Twitter to castigate the company.

“I don’t want your cheap free socks, I want cheaper utility bills please” one user tweeted.
“Seriously, energy prices are rising,” another user tweeted. “…What the fuck.”
Earlier this week, the main opposition Labor party called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to impose a windfall tax on companies pumping oil and gas from the North Sea. The party claimed the tax could cut the average energy bill by around £200 ($272).
Another major energy supplier, SSE, owned by OVO Energy, faced backlash earlier this week after sending an email to customers encouraging them to snuggle up with their pets and ” hearty bowls of porridge” to keep warm this winter.

“Recently, a link to a blog with energy saving tips was sent to customers. We understand how difficult things will be for many of our customers this year,” an OVO spokesperson said. Energy.

Mayor Larson announces 30-day Duluth mask mandate; Restaurant Association Not thrilled Fri, 14 Jan 2022 05:22:19 +0000

DULUTH, Minnesota – Just days after Duluth City Council was unable to vote unanimously to pass a new citywide mask mandate, and after councilors agreed that Mayor Emily Larson is expected to take the lead on such emergency orders, Larson took to the podium on Thursday afternoon announcing just that – a new mask mandate for the next 30 days beginning Friday 5 p.m. for people 5 years and over.

Larson said she made the decision for a mask mandate considering the number of health recommendations that have been reported recently by medical professionals at our hospitals in Duluth, the county health department of St. Louis, and advice from Minnesota Governor Tim Walz.

“That’s how I see this mask mandate. I understand it will come up against the choices you’d like to make with the freedoms you have, and we’re still being implored by public health security experts asking us to do it, for them and for us,” Larson said.

Saint Luke’s CEO Dr Nicholas Van Deen said 26 of their 267 registered hospital beds are occupied by COVID patients. The hospital has just 26 intensive care beds, and nine of them are currently occupied by COVID patients, eight of whom have been on ventilators since Thursday.

On top of that, some vaccinated healthcare workers are catching COVID, further hurting the workforce.

“As the mayor alluded to, staffing has become a crisis, at Saint Luke’s today we have 162 absent staff and over half of them have covid. These are breakthrough infections, they prevent our staff from providing you with the care we want,” Van Deen said.

The mask mandate takes effect on Friday, January 14 at 5 p.m. and lasts for 30 days until February 12 at 5 p.m.

Tony Bronson

Tony Bronson, President of the Duluth Local Restaurant Association

Indoor public spaces covered by this mandate include all businesses, places of entertainment, recreational facilities, public transportation, etc.

Meanwhile, Duluth Local Restaurant Association president Tony Bronson isn’t thrilled with the new term.

Bronson, who is also an executive at Grandma’s Restaurant Company, said the struggles have been real for the restaurant industry during this pandemic. And even if customers can remove their masks while eating and drinking, it’s just another hurdle nearly two years into the pandemic that isn’t helping businesses, and he worries what’s next.

“We’re at it again, you know, so hopefully on February 12 we don’t sit here again and say, ‘What do you think about the 60-day extension that we’ve put in place? You know, that would be a disappointment. But if we can do things to help mitigate or shorten the time that was going to have to continue to process this, I think that was in favor,” Bronson said.


Councilman Derek Medved

It also says Grandma’s Restaurant and its restaurant partners will comply with the mandate, asking customers to mask up when entering establishments. Its staff were already wearing masks before the announcement of this mandate.

Another business owner in the city, and one of two councilors who spoke out against the mask mandate at Monday’s city council meeting, was Councilman Derek Medved.

He and Roz Randorf voted against the mandate on Monday, which prevented it from passing unanimously, but their reasoning was not that they were for or against the mandate itself, it was that they wanted to let this power to the mayor.

Medved says he thinks the mayor’s office is better equipped to implement warrants like this and revoke them just as quickly when it’s time for them to end.

Photo by Roz Randorf

Councilman Roz Randorf

“As an adviser, it is very important to me for public health and safety, but I think coming from the administration they can track it and manage it much more effectively than we ever could. We’re in this together, we’ll find out no matter what, but it doesn’t surprise me that it’s being implemented,” Medved said.

He also adds that he’s not that concerned about the impact it might have on business as it will only last a month, but he’s curious to see how it’s going to be enforced.

Meanwhile, Councilwoman Roz Randorf applauded how the mask mandate process has unfolded under Mayor Larson’s leadership. At Monday’s city council meeting, Randorf was very blunt with his message on this topic saying that the council is not set up to handle the search and time required to declare an emergency mask mandate, and that everything is in the hands of the mayor, his administration and all the expert contacts they have.

“I want to thank Mayor Emily Larson, St. Louis County Chief Health Officer Amy Westbrook, and the leaders of our two health systems. Their quick and well-informed crisis response plan is exactly the kind of strong leadership needed to guide us through this pandemic surge. I fully support my fellow advisers,” Randorf said.

Meanwhile, St. Louis County released a statement to FOX 21 on Thursday indicating whether it is also considering implementing a county-wide mask mandate. Click here for that part of the story.

Which fast food restaurant has the best crispy chicken sandwich? We tried 6 and ranked them from worst to best Thu, 13 Jan 2022 11:00:00 +0000

CLEVELAND, Ohio – If you’re like me, you stand in the fast-food line to order, perusing the brightly colored images of meal offerings and wondering if it really can be as good as it gets. looks like it – or, perhaps, debating whether you should try something different, only to order “the usual”.

Full disclosure, I love chicken. That said, I tend to frequent fast food joints that specialize in red meat. Maybe it’s because I tend to be picky about how my chicken is prepared – the seasoning, the doneness, even the appearance.

After years of thinking, 2022 dawned and I finally made the commitment to jump on the register and order that chicken sandwich I’ve often considered and then rejected for a cheeseburger.


– I chose seven local fast food restaurants that made their reputation solely on red meat. It just didn’t seem fair to pit them against these specialty chicken outlets, so I avoided places like Chick-fil-A, Popeye’s, and KFC for this tasting showdown.

– I ordered medium classic fried chicken sandwich combos and ranked them based on bread, toppings, texture flavor, and taste and quality of toppings and sides.

Editor’s note: Although I ordered medium sized combos at each restaurant, the size of the included drinks varies at each meal.

6. Rally’s/Checker’s

– photo by Brenda Cain,

Cost: $7.74

There’s a lot going on with this sandwich, but the chicken isn’t the star of this dish. The sauce – which tasted like a weak combination of ketchup and mayonnaise, with a slight peppery kick – completely overwhelmed every other aspect of this sandwich. The chicken coating was so crispy it almost looked like it had been fried twice. The shredded iceberg lettuce was generous and the tomato slice was thin. Neither tasted fresh. The bread was soggy with all that sauce. The fries were soft and greasy. The meal included a 22 oz soda.

5.Burger King
Meal Burger King ChKing

– photo by Brenda Cain,

Cost: $8.25

An excessive dollop of sauce robbed this sandwich of any chance of being crispy – and overwhelmed any other flavors that might have been part of this sandwich, including the pickles, which were the only toppings. The meat was dry and stringy, the bread soggy with all that sauce, and the fries were soft and unsalted. The meal includes a 30 ounce soda

4. McDonald’s
McDonald's Crispy Chicken Meal

– photo by Brenda Cain,

Cost: $8.86

McDonald’s is one of the largest hamburger chains in the world. His chicken sandwiches do little to add to his reputation. The patty appeared to be a whole chicken breast, but it was tasteless and slightly dry. The coating was crispy and well seasoned. The pickle was crispy and tart. The bun had spent a bit too long on the grill and was dry. The fries were typical McDonald’s fries, hot and crispy, but super salty. The meal includes a 20-ounce soda.

3. Wendy’s
Wendy's Classic Chicken Combo

– photo by Brenda Cain,

Cost: $9.13

This chicken patty was thicker than many of the others we tried and seemed freshly made. It was hot with a crispy coating. The chicken itself was juicy and well cooked and well spiced. The leaf lettuce was large and covered the bun although it was a bit wilted, probably from the heat of the meat. The bun was fresh. Despite Wendy’s recent ad campaign touting their “hot fries”, the ones we got were cold and soggy. The meal includes a 32-ounce soda

2. Culver’s
Culver's Crispy Chicken Meal

– photo by Brenda Cain,

Cost: $10.13

While the chicken patty, itself, was thinner than most we tried, it tasted more like chicken than most we tried. It was hot, the coating crispy and the meat was juicy and tender. The shredded lettuce and thin slice of tomato tasted fresh, and the two pickles were crispy and tangy. The bun was buttered and toasted. The crinkle fries were lukewarm, soft and salty. The meal includes a 22-ounce soda

1. Shake the hut
Shake Shack Chicken Shack

– photo by Brenda Cain,

Cost: $14.01

The Shake Shack meal was much more expensive than the other entrees in this taste test but worth the price. The chicken isn’t cooked until you order it, so it comes out hot, crispy and juicy and perfectly spiced. It was reminiscent of the chicken my grandmother served for Sunday dinner. The soft bun tasted more like a potato bun than a simple hamburger bun. The chicken is topped with a herb mayonnaise and crispy pickles. Note: Shake Shack doesn’t serve combo meals like most fast food places, so to fair the taste test, we ordered fries and a drink, on the side. The fries are the typical frozen fries you can get anywhere, but like the chicken, they were cooked to order so they were hot and crispy. The soda was 16 oz.

UK financial services achieve third quarter growth – survey Thu, 13 Jan 2022 00:22:00 +0000

A general view of London’s financial district November 9, 2006. REUTERS/Kieran Doherty

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LONDON, Jan 13 (Reuters) – Britain’s financial services grew for the third consecutive quarter in the last three months of 2021 and at their fastest pace since mid-2017, even as COVID-19 dampened the optimism, according to a survey of 105 companies in the sector showed.

A year after the end of the Brexit transition period, the health of UK financial services is under close scrutiny after the City of London was largely cut off from the European Union.

“While volumes and profitability growth in the financial services sector remain buoyant, fading optimism is something to watch closely, as heightened COVID-19 uncertainty clouds the outlook. near-term economic outlook,” CBI chief economist Rain Newton-Smith said in a statement. .

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The survey of 105 financial firms by employers group CBI and consultants PwC was completed just before new restrictions were introduced in Britain last month to tackle spiraling cases of the Omicron variant of coronavirus .

In the first three months of 2022, businesses expect activity to remain robust and at a steady pace, according to the survey.

Profitability growth is expected to moderate somewhat in the coming months, with the number of employees expected to grow solidly and retain talent as the workforce’s top priority, he said.

Beyond the first quarter, Britain has said big companies must disclose climate-related financial data from April 2022 using a globally agreed set of guidelines.

The survey showed that 40% of businesses were “somewhat prepared” for April, with 14% saying they were not ready and the remaining businesses saying they were somewhat or very prepared.

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Reporting by Huw Jones; Editing by Alexander Smith

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

Linehouse designs space-themed cafe for Black Star Pastry in Shanghai Wed, 12 Jan 2022 11:00:00 +0000

Design studio Linehouse has combined stainless steel and meteorites to create a space-themed cafe in central Shanghai as the first Chinese outpost of Australian chain Black Star Pastry.

The ground floor of the red-brick villa serves as a café and pastry shop for Black Star Pastry, famous for selling a Strawberry Watermelon Cake dubbed “Australia’s most Instagrammed dessert” by The New York Times.

The coffee is Black Star Pastry’s first in China

Shanghai-based Linehouse designed the space to evoke the feeling of being in the space.

“The ground floor elicits the incredible sensation of being on board a spaceship,” the studio said.

Meteorites on shelves
Linehouse designed the store to evoke a spaceship

The studio covered the walls of the café with stainless steel shelves containing thousands of meteorites.

The shelf extends across the ceiling to form an arched shape that the studio described as “an exploration of gravity versus weightlessness.”

Black Star Pastry by Linehouse
A counter display holds nine floating cakes

Continuing this theme, a counter display showcases nine levitating cakes. Presented in glass containers, the rotating cakes are supported by magnetic levitation.

The phrase “we’re all just stardust” can be found on the edges of common tables, creating an effect of each letter dripping off the edge of the table by gravity.

Elsewhere on the ground floor, there are retail areas filled with coffee beans and clothing.

Terrazzo staircase
A terrazzo staircase leads guests upstairs to a dining area

A staircase clad in raw concrete terrazzo takes guests upstairs to an exhibition-style dining space called the Black Star Gallery.

It features works by four emerging international artists curated by Black Star Pastry’s creative director, Louis Li, to create an imaginary futuristic habitat.

The ceiling is lined with a metal grid. The flooring is terrazzo tile cast in raw concrete, giving the space a touch of wildness and creating a museum-like vibe for art.

The gallery can be used as a tea room in the afternoon and as a cocktail bar at night.

Blackened wood floors by Linehouse
Blackened wood covers the floors of the private bedroom

A private room named There There is separated from the main dining room by a deep blue velvet curtain. It contains an intimate bar wrapped in acid etched blue metal.

Blackened wood covers the floor of the room unlike the exposed concrete of the other spaces of the café. A curved stainless steel bottom keeps the wines on display.

Upstairs Gallery
Versatile gallery can be used day or night

Black Star Pastry was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2008 and is the creator of the Strawberry Watermelon Cake, the most Instagrammed cake in the world according to the New York Times. This is its first store outside Australia.

Linehouse was named Emerging Interior Designer of the Year at the 2021 Dezeen Awards. The studio’s recent projects include the conversion of a Shanghai office building’s swimming pool into additional workspace and a contemporary dim sum restaurant. in Hong Kong.

The photography is by Jonathan Leijonhufvud.

Project credits:

Art direction and artistic curation: Louis Li – Black Star Pastry
line house
Design team:
Alex Mok, Cherngyu Chen, Yeling Guo, Rongli Chen, Kaihang Zhou, Leah Lin
Levitating Cake Stand:
march studio
Brand graphics:
Studio Ongarato/Noritake
Commissioned artists:
Olivia Steele, Naoko Ito, Rowan Corkhill, Debbie Lawson
Realization of works:
black star pastry

Multicooker makes healthy meals quick and easy Tue, 11 Jan 2022 13:30:00 +0000

Healthy eating has never been easier, or faster.

A multicooker makes cooking a healthy meal accessible and affordable, and takes less time and energy than shopping for not-so-healthy fast food or throwing a frozen pizza in the oven. Roast a chicken in 30 minutes, cook whole grains rich in nutrients like wild rice or barley in 20 minutes, make a bean or lentil stew, chowder or chili in the same 20 minutes – this kitchen wonder is truly a meal changer that can help support healthy eating in the most convenient, quickest, and most delicious way.

What is a multicooker?

Kind of a slow pressure cooker hybrid, the multicooker is a multi-functional phenomenon which is also a rice cooker, steamer, Dutch oven, baker, yogurt maker and more. Versatile and easy to use, it is a great replacement for other cooking equipment, like a slow cooker or rice machine, which frees up space on the counter and cupboards and frees up time during cleaning – a single pot instead of multiple pots and pans.

This device, like a pressure cooker, heats the liquid inside a tight seal, which creates pressure inside the pot as the liquid boils and turns to vapor. As the pressure increases, the temperature rises. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes for the pot to come under pressure. At this point, cooking begins at a rate approximately 70% lower than standard cooking methods. Some dishes require a slow release of pressure after food is cooked.

Health benefits

Because a multicooker uses very little liquid, reaches a temperature of no more than 250 F, and cooks very quickly, it preserves more nutrients than many other cooking methods. Cooking of any kind will result in the loss of some nutrients, such as water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin C, thiamine, and folate, but this is minimized in foods exposed to the least liquid at the lowest temperature during cooking. shorter period of time. Research also shows that the availability of other nutrients (like lycopene in tomatoes and other carotenoids in vegetables like carrots, spinach, and broccoli) is actually increasing. This is because cooking helps break down cell walls so that they release nutrients and phytochemicals.

With a multicooker, a meal can be prepared with a potpourri of healthy ingredients from the freezer, refrigerator, and pantry.
Dream time / TNS

Cooking can be stressful. Time, energy, and motivation are common barriers to getting a healthy meal on the table. Preparing meals with a multicooker can help. A meal can be made with a potpourri of healthy ingredients from the freezer, refrigerator and pantry. Whole grains and healthy legumes – dry or canned – go great with fresh, frozen, or canned vegetables and lean protein like chicken or fish.

With a multicooker, nutrients are retained and flavors and colors are more vivid. Even when you just have time to open a few boxes and bags of frozen vegetables, your meal can be just as healthy and satisfying. Once the ingredients are in the pot and it’s ready, that’s it. Come back when it’s done and serve a healthy meal.

Environmental Nutrition is the award-winning independent newsletter written by nutrition experts dedicated to providing readers with up-to-date, accurate information on health and nutrition.

Royal Mail pays homage to ‘Rolling Stones’ with new UK stamps Tue, 11 Jan 2022 05:48:45 +0000
Royal Mail pays homage to ‘Rolling Stones’ with new UK stamps

The Rolling Stones are honored on new UK stamps, with a dedicated ensemble showcasing their performances around the world as the legendary rock band celebrate their 60th anniversary this year.

Britain’s Royal Mail said on Tuesday it would issue a special set of 12 stamps “in homage to one of the most enduring rock bands of all time”.

Eight stamps feature photos of singer Mick Jagger, guitarists Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood and the late drummer Charlie Watts performing at various concerts around the world: from Hyde Park in London in July 1969 to East Rutherford, New Jersey in August 2019.

The other four stamps are presented in a miniature sheet and feature two images of the group together, and two posters for their world tours. Watts died last year at the age of 80.

“Few bands in rock history have managed to carve out a career as rich and broad as that of The Rolling Stones,” said David Gold, director of public affairs and policy at Royal Mail, in a statement .

“They have created some of the most iconic and inspiring albums in modern music, with groundbreaking live performances to match.”

Formed in 1962, The Rolling Stones are one of the most successful and longest-running rock groups in the world, selling an estimated 240 million records worldwide and winning numerous awards, including three Grammys, along the way.

Their Stones’ work, rooted in American blues and rhythm and blues, produced hits like “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” and “Sympathy for the Devil” from their heyday of the 1960s and 70s, but also curiosities like the reggae-infused track “Send It To Me”, apparently about a single man looking for a mail order bride.

They are the fourth music group to have a dedicated Royal Mail stamp issue, following in the footsteps of The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Queen.

Royal Mail said it has worked with the Stones and their management on the stamp collection, which goes on sale on January 20. (Reuters)