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There are three things besides the calendar that signal the start of March — warmer weather, Girl Scout cookie deliveries, and outdoor and indoor spaces slowly turning green.

Java Java Cafe hits all three with a new coffee flight, featuring four unique drinks.

The coffee shop offers three different flights: a basic flight, an energy drink flight and a flight of the month. March Flight includes a mix of different coffee drinks and a bright green energy drink to ring in the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, each catering to a different taste preference.

Two Quad-Cities reporters stopped by the Java Java Cafe, 836 E River Drive, Davenport, to try out the new March flight, and did not leave disappointed. They did, however, come away nervous with caffeine.

There were no hiccups in the lineup, but by far the best of the bunch was “The Girl Scout,” a mixed drink modeled on – and topped with – a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie.

While not a drink to drink quickly without freezing your brain, “The Girl Scout” was deliciously sweet, with mint hitting the chocolate end. He stuck with the cookie and was the favorite.

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The “March Madness”, a vanilla and brown butterscotch iced coffee drink, and “Go Luck Yourself”, an Irish cream cold brew with sweet cream cold foam as a topping, are both suitable. to the more traditional coffee shop clientele. Journalists disagreed on which was more enjoyable, but it really depends on how much coffee flavor you actually enjoy in your drink. The cold brew is noticeably more bitter, but it was offset by the cream.

The “Sexy Leprechaun”, a green apple and kiwi energy drink, provided a striking and refreshing contrast to the coffee. Fruity and carbonated, it’s perfect for one of the hottest days of the year so far.

Overall the flight was delicious and smooth. However, when ordering a flight, make sure you have time to sit down and savor it. For $23 you don’t want to waste coffee by not budgeting for the number of people and time to finish it all. And these are not small cups of coffee.

The barista was kind enough to provide takeaway cups.

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