Fort Bend County Restaurant Owner Sends Help to Louisiana

NEEDVILLE, Texas – A small business owner in Needville is mobilizing to help his beloved hometown in southeast Louisiana after the area suffered significant damage after Hurricane Ida.

Bayou Boys Po-Boys owner Joel Barrios said he has a special place in his heart for the tight-knit little region of LaFourche Parrish. He grew up “at the bottom of the bayou” in LaRose near Thibodaux.

“We hold onto our culture very well. We are proud of where we come from. We are proud of our culinary roots. We are proud of our heritage. We are proud of our language and we try to preserve it. There some people still live off the land, ”Barrios said.

Moving to Needville, Texas, Barrios established a city staple, Bayou Boys Po-Boys Restaurant and Food Service has made a name for itself. Barrios is still working to get in touch with his family there.

“It was only today that I heard from my son. You know it’s been about 3-4 days. My dad, I still haven’t heard from him, but I think he’s fine, ”said Barrios.

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The community of Needville is ready to help Barrios.

“Joël fed the whole town during the frost. We had to do something to help his family there in Louisiana, ”said resident Patty Meyen.

Barrios is leading a massive effort to collect supplies and food of all kinds in areas of the Bayou, an area that doesn’t always get the help it needs being in the shadow of the big city of New Orleans. .

“The community here in Needville reminds me so much of the bayou. It’s similar in many ways, ”said Barrios. Barrios leaves around 1 a.m. early Wednesday morning to bring three trailers full of supplies donated by himself, his business and the community. All week, Barrios has been collecting supplies. While he typically describes himself as the dishwasher, gardener, and accountant of his business, this week he has another role.

“I am the mule of the pack. We are filling our supplies and bringing our community together, ”Barrios said with a smile.

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Barrios’ efforts to help are growing rapidly. He is in the process of establishing drop-off points around Greater Houston and Needville and also creating a schedule for weekly trips. He is also working with Fort Bent County on an operation to serve hot meals.

Updates will be posted on the Facebook page.

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