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Loli’s Café in San Marcos has found the key to happiness: tacos!

The ever popular café-au-drive has been offering delicacies for over a decade and its customers love them. In fact, for several years now, Loli’s has received the Best of Hays, published by the San Marcos Daily Record, for having the best breakfast tacos.

Founded on January 7, 2005, Loli’s offers 15 different tacos for breakfast and several tacos for lunch.

Loli’s handcraft its flour tortillas using all-natural ingredients. Breakfast tacos are just $ 3 and lunch tacos only 75 cents more, $ 3.75.

On the day of our visit I selected a beef fajita taco and a chicken one. I asked the waiters to add guacamole and some cheese to the taco before I left. We brought them back to the office for further examination and consumption.

It was immediately clear as we unrolled the taco from their foil container that the portions were super generous.

The beef fajita meat was perfectly seasoned and tender. I added a little hot sauce to complete things and it was a Mexican masterpiece. The chicken was equally tender and tasty.

My cohort chose from the specialty breakfast tacos by selecting the Picadillo Loaded which was accompanied by picadillo, potatoes, beans and cheese. The picadillo was perfectly seasoned and the potato and beans made a great concoction. Add the melted cheese and the Picadillo Loaded taco is the one he said he would come back for.

He also chose the Lolita’s Combo which contained eggs, bacon, bean cheese and potatoes. Judging by how quickly he breathed in that taco, it must have been delicious. For $ 3.75 each, it was a steal.

The quaint cafe serves lunch plates with your choice of meat, rice, beans, pico de gallo and two tortillas – $ 10.50.

They are also known for their Burrito California which rings for $ 10.50. This delicious burrito is served with your choice of meat, rice, beans, lettuce, cheese and pico de gallo.

Loli’s serves barbacoa by the pound with six tortillas, pico de Gallo and salsa for $ 19.50.

If you are going to:

Loli’s is located at 1501 Aquarena Springs Drive in San Marcos.

Telephone: 512-392-3441

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