Hardee’s Brings Back ‘Really Big’ Menu Option That Should Keep Fans Drunk

The Hardee’s menu has just received a big addition. The fast food chain has officially returned the Really Big Hardee to its nationwide menu, although fans hoping to sink their teeth into this monstrous and appetizing menu item had better act quickly, because it is never coming back. only for a limited time.

The Really Big Hardee is a larger version of the main menu, the Big Hardee, which features two charcoal-grilled beef patties, classic Hardee sauce, two slices of melted American cheese, and lettuce. The Really Big Hardee, meanwhile, is dubbed by the chain as “a whole new, bigger and bolder option.” The massive burger features three charcoal-grilled beef patties, American cheese, lettuce, and classic Hardee sauce, all sandwiched between a toasted seed bun.

The Really Big Hardee debuted in February this year, according to Chewing boom, although it existed under a different name before that. Hoping to compete with its fast food restaurant competitors, Hardee’s introduced the Big Hardee in 1995. The sandwich was supposed to be a competitor to the Big Mac and the Whopper, and at the time boasted two very large square beef patties with 66% more beef than the Big Mac and 33% more beef than the Whopper. . The burger was only a limited-time item, and when it returned in 2009 it underwent a few changes that made it look more like the Really Big Hardee of 2021. The 2009 version of the burger, still dubbed the Big Hardee, three standard beef patties. He maintained that structure for his comebacks in 2011 and 2013, though it was later reduced to just two beef patties.

The Really Big Hardee is just the latest item to join Hardee’s menu this year. In May, Hardee’s and its sister brand Carl’s Jr. launched a line of hand-breaded chicken sandwiches that included the hand-breaded chicken sandwich, the hand-breaded chicken waffle sandwich, and the chicken cookie. Hardee’s hand breaded. In August, the fast food chain introduced French Toast Dips.

Hardee’s also tested several new menu items, including the Confit Bacon Cookie with Fried Egg, the Angus Thickburger Confit Bacon, and the Confit Bacon Snack Pack, which have been tested in select cities in California, Illinois, and the United States. Alabama during the summer. While it remains to be seen whether the channels’ test items will be released nationwide, Hardee customers can now order Really Big Hardee at participating Hardee stores for a limited time.

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