Here’s how McDonald’s Big Macs are *really* made, according to an employee

If you’ve ever wanted to see how an iconic McDonald’s “Big Mac” menu item is made, look no further. A popular Tik Tok account (@essentialmcdonalds) run by someone claiming to be an employee of the fast-food chain, frequently posts video clips explaining and showing how famous food options are made.

Since the account first went viral last month, it has shown viewers step-by-step “behind-the-scenes” looks at their favorite foods, like how buns and scrambled eggs are made, and how muffins for a McGriddle are toasted. The creator of Tik Tok also offers us a glimpse of the making of McDonald’s “Big Macs” (burgers 2 patties, 3 buns with sesame seeds) in a very watched video:

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In the Tik Tok post, the creator first uses the camera behind the counter and shows the food preparation area. The employee then demonstrates how each of the 3 parts of the bun is placed in a special toaster. The slots are marked for the ‘crown’, ‘heel’ and ‘club’ (this refers to the top, bottom and middle sections). Then they arrange the toasted buns in each signature Big Mac box. The “heel” is in one half of the box and the “club” is placed above the “crown” on the other side of the box.

The dispenser then dispenses three shots of Big Mac sauce on the heel and club before a sprinkle of dehydrated opinions is added to the two buns. Then “about a half ounce of lettuce” is added on top before two pickles are added to the club bun and a piece of cheese is added to the heel.

The anonymous McDonald’s worker puts a piece of meat on top of the two topped buns before moving on to what they consider ‘the hardest part’ in which the stacked ‘club’ bun is lifted and placed on top of the “heel”. ”

The McDonald’s expert notes the difficulty of trying not to spill any content in the process. Next, they show off the box closure, as the “crown” bun falls, completing the classic “Big Mac” look.

The video, first uploaded on January 24, currently has 4.2 million likes, 21.3 million views and 11.7 thousand comments, which are still being added to this day. One user expressed their gratitude to the creator for showing an inside look, writing, “I’m obsessed with learning this.” Another marveled that the toast had “pictures of the buns” to make sure people don’t “mess up”. One also joked, “You forgot to shake the box so it’s all over when I open it”, while someone else noted it was “cool to see the Big Mac get together”.

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