How to be healthy even with fast food and alcohol

An online food and health writer explains how she stays in shape even with fast food and alcohol.

When it comes to being healthy, many have their opinions and definitions. Can you still indulge in that ice cream, fast food fries, or enjoy a night out drink while still being what’s called a healthy person? A definite expert in this field says yes. You don’t have to be perfect, that’s the message from Suzie Glasman, 44. She’s a food and health editor who decided to share how she stays in shape even with fast food and alcohol. Her family eats frozen foods and fast food at least twice a week. The key is to be flexible and to follow it. Know how much protein, fat, and carbohydrate you are consuming. and moderate everything. When it comes to teaching children, moderation is important. By the way, she keeps her fat at 50 to balance the hormones. Staying active also plays a big role. It looks different to everyone. For her, she starts each day with an easy three-kilometer walk around the neighborhood after taking her children to school. She says it’s the best thing she does for herself. Then, three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, she does strength training for about 45 minutes. On Tuesday and Thursday, she does a light jog. Another way to treat yourself once in a while is to do a fast. Once a week, she does an extended fast. Whether it’s pushing breakfast for two hours or extending it from dinner to dinner, it helps the body burn fat for fuel. It also gives her a low calorie day. Of course, she says to always talk to your doctor first about what’s best for you.

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