‘I felt sick’: Cafe robbed after just 10 WEEKS in business

The owner of a new cafe ‘felt sick’ after discovering her business had been robbed after just 10 weeks. Dawn Adams opened the Coffee Lounge Café, in Dukinfield, in April when she wanted to try something new while in remission from cancer.

So far, the King Street cafe has won rave reviews and built up a loyal following. But on her way to work this morning (June 25), Dawn was shaken after receiving a phone call from a customer, telling her the business had been targeted by an unresponsive burglar.

When she arrived at the scene, Dawn saw the glass in the front door smash on the floor after the offender forced his way in, while his Friday receipts were stolen from the cash register. “We’re new and didn’t expect to be robbed,” said Dawn, 57.

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“Yesterday we were quite busy, I was alone, so I just left the recipes and decided to sort them out in the morning. The store is only 10 weeks old, we are not taking a salary yet because we are still building the business in place.

“Now I have to get the shutters fixed, get the door fixed, and I have to replace the money they took.” Dawn says her shutters hadn’t been able to fully close since workmen had recently placed a barrier underneath, causing damage that left a “little gap” at the bottom.

How Dawn found the coffee when she got to work this morning

After calling the police this morning, officers arrived to collect evidence, but Dawn wouldn’t open the cafe once they left. However, she was encouraged to do so by her team members and she was overwhelmed by the kindness shown to her by community members who came.

Dawn said: “I didn’t feel like opening because I was feeling sick, but the girls said ‘come on’. People came and they were so generous.

“A woman came in and put £20 in the tip jar. I told her not to, but she said ‘we’re all a community, we’re here to help’. Someone else came and put £10 in it.”

Dawn, who previously ran the Scruffy to Fluffy dog ​​grooming business on King Street, added: “It was a shock, it was horrible. But for this horrible person, there are 20 lovely people who came into the store since.

The door has since been barricaded, and Dawn would have to be paid for the repair work.
The door has since been barricaded, and Dawn would have to be paid for the repair work.

“Everyone was lovely except one person.” Anyone with information about the break-in can report it to GMP online or by calling 101, quoting CRI-0699-0014734-22.

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