Kevin Hart is getting into the fast food game with a new plant-based restaurant

There’s a new vegan fast food restaurant in Los Angeles, and it just… Kevin Hart? The comedian and actor has big plans for Hart House, and he hopes to open more places soon. But don’t think good old Hollywood will be the only place you can sample the new menu he’s cooking up. As People notes, two additional locations are already under construction, with a goal of eventually opening 10 more.

At Hart House, you’ll find a 100% plant-based menu free of cholesterol, antibiotics, hormones, artificial colors, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, or trans fats. Offerings include single and double Burg’rs (with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and signature Hart House sauce), Crispy Chick’n sandwiches, Chick’n Nuggets with a variety of sauces , salads, fries, tater tots, and shakes.

“As someone who preached ‘health is wealth,’ building Hart House felt like the natural evolution of my flexitarian lifestyle and business ecosystem,” Hart said. “I’m beyond proud of this industry-changing restaurant and the incredible team that works tirelessly to create delicious, long-lasting dishes that deliver ‘unbelievable’ flavor in every bite.”

Beyond serving a plant-based menu, the company notes that its sustainability philosophy also extends to responsibly sourcing ingredients and using less energy to run its stores. “We’re here to disrupt fast service with an affordable, delicious, plant-based alternative made with respect for people, animals and our ecosystem,” the website reads.

Although I’m not currently near a Hart House store or food truck, the idea of ​​making plant-based foods more accessible, affordable, and (let’s face it) mainstream is still exciting to me. . Are you planning to visit Hart House soon?

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