Klatch Coffee launches new website focused on e-commerce and coffee experience

Los Angeles, CA (May 10, 2022)—klatchcoffee.com, now launched. Today, award-winning family roaster Klatch Coffee announced the launch of its redesigned site, klatchcoffee.com. With blazing speed and a lively, eye-catching site layout, Klatch Coffee’s homepage begins with both a story and a plot: “A family business, operated and talked about since 1993.”

The coffee experience from the comfort of home

For Klatch Coffee, “Where coffee is the conversation” isn’t just a tagline found on every bag of coffee, it’s an ethos of hospitality and connection woven into the e-commerce experience and front end. -care of the redesign of the site.

The new website, klatchcoffee.com, makes finding your new favorite coffee faster, easier and more enjoyable. Heather Perry, CEO, shares, “With the redesign of the site and our ‘find your beans’ quiz, we’re bringing the personal coffee experience to the world of e-commerce. This unique conversation between customer and barista is now possible in a few simple steps. »

With new coffee deals posted regularly, the “Find Your Beans” quiz on klatchcoffee.com recreates the personal coffee experience of walking into Klatch and asking the barista, “What do you recommend?” The barista learns each guest’s tastes by asking questions, guiding them to the perfect recommendation. The quiz is simple and accessible, seeking to replicate this experience by asking questions such as tasting notes and ideal roast levels.

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Transport customers to their favorite coffee destination, no flight required

Another focal point of klatchcoffee.com are notebooks with stories from Klatch’s coffee growers and each bean’s unique origin and process. As CFO, Greenbuyer and Roastmaster Mike share, “Direct trade is at the heart of Klatch. For us, people and planet always come before profit. It’s part of our commitment to the highest quality coffee.” Everything like Direct Trade bridges the gap between roaster and producer, klatchcoffee.com focuses on sharing the stories of every coffee shop and coffee producer and aims to bridge the gap between customer and coffee shop, transporting customers into Ethiopia or Colombia, no flight required.

Discover your new favorite coffee, every month

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Klatch’s Club subscription caters to customers who want variety and want to break out of their mundane coffee routine, offering free delivery on every subscription order and a different coffee every month. Subscription is unique in its connection to family: each of their three subscription options is hosted by a member of the Perry family. With roaster Mike handling single origins, retail manager Holly handling blends, and 2X US Barista Champion Heather handling espressos, there’s something for everyone. Klatch is currently offering 20% ​​off your first 3 shipments with promo code*: 20SPRUDGE for early subscribers.

To celebrate the launch of the site, Klatch is also offering 10 days of giveaways, from May 10-20. With 1 winner chosen per day and giveaways alternating between days, customers can win either a three month coffee giveaway subscription or a ‘Gift Bag’. Swag includes a coffee tote, a selection of glasses, a Klatch hat and a bag of coffee, a $60 value. To enter, go to the site’s homepage, klatchcoffee.com, and look for the pop-up window to sign up for announcements of new coffees and promotions via text or email.

For more information, visit klatchcoffee.com and follow @klatchcoffee on Instagram. Thanks to Pearlfisher and Splice Digital for bringing our site redesign vision to life.

About Klatch Coffee

Klatch Coffee was founded in 1993 by Mike and Cindy Perry, earning its place on the global coffee scene for nearly 30 years. Roastmaster and Greenbuyer Mike share: “For us coffee is never finished, it’s in our DNA. We have unparalleled heart, quality and drive. Family owned and operated with over 7 cafes, Klatch is known for its award-winning coffee roasted to “flavor peak” – Mike’s signature style. Heather Perry, former SCA President and two-time American Barista Champion, is the noble (and ambitious) CEO of Klatch.

*20SPRUDGE is for new memberships only, valid only on club memberships (excludes recurring, one-time, or any non-coffee items) on klatchcoffee.com. Valid until 07/31/2022. One code per order. Other exclusions may apply.

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