Krispy Kreme is the Most Intimate Fast Food Brand in MBLM’s 2022 Brand Intimacy Study

Fast food ranks in the bottom 40% of all industries surveyed; Costa Coffee and Starbucks round out the top three

NEW YORK, NY/ACCESSWIRE/September 20, 2022/ Krispy Kreme is the most intimate number 1 fast food mark in MBLM 2022 Brand Intimacy Studythe largest emotion-based brand study, now in its 12e year. Industry ranks 12e out of 19 examined. Enhanced 2022 Study Combines MBLM’s Proven Brand Intimacy Model with the Power of AI and Big Data to Analyze Over 600 Brands, Assessing How Consumers Connect with the Brands They Use and Love . Costa Coffee and Starbucks complement the top three fast food brands respectively. MBLM found that the most used keyword for Krispy Kreme was the “🤤” emoji. Costa Coffee’s main keyword was “😋” and Starbucks’ was “🥺”.

The remaining brands in the fast food top 10 are: Cinnabon, Outback Steakhouse, McDonald’s, Chili’s, Chick-fil-A, Dunkin’ and KFC. Consistent with previous years, MBLM also found that top intimate brands outperformed top Fortune 500 brands in earnings, revenue and stock market performance.

“Given how many people are interested in their favorite meals, the fast food industry performed quite poorly in this year’s study. This may reflect the fast-paced and often impersonal relationship that consumers have with these brands,” said Mario Natarelli, managing partner at MBLM. “Brands can also struggle to find the right balance between evolving with the latest food trends and preferences and staying true to their identity. We believe that if they can focus on the nurturing nature that consumers have with food, and also on creating more personal connections, they will be able to build better emotional connections.”

The average Brand Intimacy Quotient score for fast food restaurants is 33.6, which is below the cross-industry average of 36.8. Indulgence, which centers around moments of caring and gratification, is the industry’s dominant archetype, and fast food ranks fourth for indulgence. The industry also ranks third for nostalgia, which focuses on memories of the past and the warm feelings associated with them.

MBLM also published an article reviewing the #1 fast food brand and the entire industry, “A Sweet Victory for Krispy Kreme: Exploring the Rise and Fall of Big Fast Food Brands. The agency observes that four of the top five fast food brands fall into the category of candy/coffee chains, which may reflect changes in our eating habits due to the pandemic. MBLM comments that it will be interesting to see how public sentiment and lifestyle post-COVID will impact the industry and how they will adapt to changing perspectives on fast food But it is worth noting that Krispy Kreme has been successful without focusing on changing trends, as some other brands have done.

The 2022 Brand Intimacy Study contains the most comprehensive ranking of brands based on emotion. The scale of the study included over 600 brands and over 1.4 billion words analyzed in 2021.

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