Lee Si Young and Lee Seung Gi team up for the first case

The cafe of the law episode 3 shows Lee See Young and Lee Seung Gi working on their first case.

As the former couple reunites after a painful breakup, the lawyer seeks help from the former prosecutor turned webtoon novel.

The cafe of the law Audience score

The rom-com drama K is seeing a slight dip in viewership after airing in its first week.

The cafe of the law episode 3 garnered a national average of 5.3%, down slightly from its second episode of 6.6%.

where to watch The cafe of the law With English subtitles?

Airing every Monday and Tuesday, the rom-com drama K has a total of 16 episodes that focus on Kim Yuri’s new career after resigning from a public law firm.

Released September 5 The cafe of the law is broadcast via KBS2 while English subtitles are available via ViuTV.

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The cafe of the law Episode 3 Recap: Kim Yuri Felt Guilty After Jo Suk Joon’s Suicide Attempt

The third episode continues with Jo Suk Joon’s plan to jump on the roof of Pureun Apartment.

Luckily, Kim Jung Ho (Lee Seung Gi) arrived just in time and managed to convince Suk Joon by promising to end the affair.

At this point, seeing Jo Suk Joon almost end her life makes her feel guilty and thinks she failed in her first case as an independent lawyer.

Fortunately, Kim Jung Ho has all the right words to say to Kim Yuri so that she doesn’t feel bad about what happened.

At home, Kim Jung Ho cooked something for Kim Yuri who is still in shock from the incident.

Surprisingly, Kim Yuri felt a strange feeling around Jung Ho. At first, she thought it was panic disorder, but the feeling seems different.

Dohan Construction Curious About the Webtoon Writer

As Kim Yuri prepares for the case against Dohan Construction, officials were curious about the exposure written in a webtoon.

Although the writer didn’t drop any names, the clues point to the controversial construction company.

Chairman Lee Pyun Woong believes someone from his employee is spilling tea and exposing the company’s illegal activities and has instructed his legal adviser to investigate the identity of the writer, who happens to be Kim Jung Ho. .

Kim Yuri teams up with Kim Jung Ho

As Yuri worked passionately on the case, she enlisted the help of former prosecutor Kim Jung Ho.

Before agreeing, he confronted Kim Yuri about how she handled the matter.

After convincing the prosecutor to join the case, Kim Jung Ho planned a creative idea on how they will get sympathy from the public and get noticed by Dohan Construction.

Kim Yuri along with Kim Jung Ho, Park Woo Jin and more uploaded a video in which they tested the noise around the Pureun Apartment. This is to prove that the building was poorly constructed and did not add soundproofing.

After attracting thousands of viewers and attracting public attention, Dohan Construction arranged a meeting with Kim Yuri to talk about the case.

Due to probable cause raised by Kim Yuri’s team, the company promised to pay tenants compensation for the inconvenience.

Kim Yuri celebrated her first victory with Kim Jung Ho

However, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies for the avocado.

On her way home, Yuri is surprised by the mess in her cafe. Luckily, Kim Jung Ho was there to protect her.

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