Lexington Cafe Serving Spooky Fall Dishes

LEXINGTON, Ky. — As October winds down, the Cauldron of Creatures is adding a refreshing, flavorful twist to downtown Lexington’s coffee scene.

What do you want to know

  • Creatures’ Cauldron Cafe is one of downtown Lexington’s newest drink stops
  • Cauldron staff invite guests to experience a Halloween weekend filled with specialty coffee and tea
  • The cafe is in partnership with “Creatures of Whim” in Lexington

Store manager Audra Jones and her colleagues mix up some of the cauldron’s most colorful creations. From jet black lattes, deep reds that come from strawberry flavor and hibiscus botanicals to bright greens from apple and melon flavor, the cafe serves up stunning drinks for all to enjoy.

Sparking new recipes, the cauldron includes a surprise take on some traditionally fan-favorite drinks.

Cauldron of Creatures staff Jaymes, left, and store manager Audra Jones smile next to one of the Harry Potter-themed stations. (New Specter 1/Sabriel Metcalf)

With a variety of teas, coffees and a long list of ingredients to add, some of the coffee’s fall specials this month include ‘Witches Brew’ and ‘Bat’s Blood’.

The store even invented a “Weeping Widow” drink for its bizarre story, according to the store manager.

“Lady Gray is an imitation of Earl Gray tea, with a hint of citrus. So her husband was a sea captain and one day his ship never came back to port and so for the rest of her life she wandered to the harbor watching the ships come in hoping to see the ship and he never made it, that’s why we called him the Weeping Widow,” Jones said.

The cauldron, which opened last July, sits alongside its partners, one being ‘Creatures of Whim’, the holistic health and spiritual wellbeing store. Inside both stores, customers can find and purchase teas like the Lady Gray strain.

While the cafe is currently dressed up for Halloween, visitors can see the popular year-round exhibits from film series like Harry Potter and more hair-raising fun.

Jones said customers typically come with a fixed experience and/or drink in mind, but leave with so much more.

“Besides coming for the experience, I think a lot of people come for the fun drinks that you can’t get at other cafes. Other people’s words, not mine,” Jones said.

Customers can purchase the special flavors and more on the menu throughout the fall season and beyond by requesting seasonal drink mixes.

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