Lions adopt Rams-like organizational structure with new GM, coach Mike Disner reporting to Rod Wood

ALLEN PARK – Let Brad cook?

The Detroit Lions appear to be trying to make this happen for new GM Brad Holmes by leaving Vice President Mike Disner in charge of football-related duties. according to Sports Illustrated. That means Holmes, Rams College’s longtime scouting director, will have more time to focus on leading Detroit’s scouting efforts.

Holmes and Disner will both report directly to team president Rod Wood as well as the new head coach. Dan Campbell is expected to formally accept the post following his visit to Detroit, which could happen on Wednesday according to the NFL Network.

This is quite a major upheaval in the organizational structure of Lions. Coaches have long reported to general managers and general managers of property. Now Wood appears to have emerged as the right hand of the property, with the GM, coach and Disner all reporting to him.

This structure, in this case, mirrors that deployed by the Los Angeles Rams.

According to SI: “The Lions really looked at the GM Les Snead department in Los Angeles and said: give us that. Detroit loved hearing Holmes talk about how the Rams do things differently, mixing analytical and intellectual ways of looking at players with traditional scouting, while seeing that he would change a few things as well. In fact, a big moment in the interview came when Detroit officials asked Holmes to go through each of the four general managers and five head coaches he had worked with, and identify one thing he had worked with. had learned from each of them, and one that he didn’t like him doing differently from them. One by one, Holmes calmly and logically knocked them out, then gave an honest and honest assessment of the Lions roster and a bold plan for what he would do if he landed the job. And when asked about the hole in his CV – that he lived in Atlanta for a team that was in Los Angeles – Holmes joked that he might be on the California residency limit, with all the time that ‘he spent the year in the West to participate. during vital times of the calendar.

“Add that to Holmes’ involvement in building a first-round no-pick playoff list over the past four years, and the Lions have felt pretty good coming out of the first round of talks about how that Holmes would fit in. And how he would fit in. in fact, it fits very well with what Holmes is used to. In order to bring the GM position closer to a true scouting job, the Lions are giving Vice President Mike Disner responsibility for much of football operations, meaning Holmes won’t have to worry about management of areas such as travel and nutrition. , training and equipment. And Disner, Holmes and the new coach (presumably Saints assistant Dan Campbell) will all report to Lions president Rod Wood. This will make Disner’s job description mirror the job description of Rams vice president Tony Pastoors and Snead’s job description of Holmes, with Wood as Kevin Demoff, the Rams’ COO.

The Lions have yet to answer questions since Holmes hired last week, but the reorganization appears to be a boon for a first-time GM. Holmes has been outstanding at the helm of LA’s draft efforts since 2013, helping to build the backbone for four straight winning seasons and three straight playoff appearances with no first-round pick since 2016. But he’s never been wrong. more climbed higher than the director of university screening and also lived full time in Atlanta, so running an entire organization in the field could have been a lot.

Instead, Lions use Disner to rid his plate of many non-Scouting, unrelated responsibilities. Disner has been in Detroit for two years and is known for his good job managing the cap. He was on the decision-making committee after Bob Quinn was fired as general manager over Thanksgiving weekend, and was in the inner circle of coaching and general manager searches.

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