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CHENGDU— Louis Vuitton traveled to Chengdu, a major shopping center in southwest China, for its inaugural restaurant in the country.

The Hall by Louis Vuitton takes its name from the Guangdong Hall in the Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li shopping center. This urban landmark once served as a gathering place for Cantonese merchants more than a hundred years ago.

Formerly a retail space for luxury brand pop-ups before Louis Vuitton took over, The Hall sits across from the three-story flagship, offering a full range of products from the French luxury house . Covering more than 2,000 square meters, the Chengdu Maison is the third for Louis Vuitton in the country. It opened nine months ago.

The Maison Louis Vuitton in Chengdu, China

Larger-than-life panda figurines and hot air balloons greet visitors at the entrance to the Hall courtyard. The brightly colored sculptures have already gone viral on Chinese social media in the months leading up to the opening.

According to Vuitton, the bistro-like restaurant offers a seasonal menu featuring pan-European flavors and classic dishes from French and Mediterranean cuisine. Local products from the mountainous town of Ya’an in the western part of Sichuan, such as Sichuan truffle and Oscietra, add fine local flavors. The restaurant will serve wine, including selections from Jura, birthplace of founder Louis Vuitton.

Starting today, foodies can reserve a seat at the 60-seat restaurant by phone to enjoy lunch, dinner and afternoon tea services. According to Yunmi, a Shanghai-based restaurant group in charge of operating The Hall, the restaurant has already been sold out for the rest of the year.

Vuitton has appointed Michelin-starred chef Olivier Elzer as its first chef-in-residence, who has created a menu that blends local Sichuan flavors with French finesse. Every six months, the restaurant will invite Chinese or foreign star chefs to create seasonal menus and present a real sense of “the art of travel”.

Dishes offered by starred chef Olivier Elzer.

Giving off a calm and peaceful atmosphere, The Hall is furnished with furniture and objects from the Objets Nomades collection of the luxury house.

A chandelier adorned with coral leather takes center stage on both floors of the restaurant. Designed by the Swiss architecture firm Atelier Oï, the luminaire evokes the image of a traditional Sichuan hot pot.

The Hall presents furniture and objects from the Objets Nomades collection

Inside the room

True to Vuitton traditions, the restaurant is also adorned with works by renowned contemporary Chinese artists, including Lu Xinjian, Zhou Yilun and Nanchuan Daocheng. A set of bright red and orange paper sculptures made from Louis Vuitton shopping bags and paired with ancient Chinese stone carvings add an element of surprise to one corner of the restaurant.

To create more buzz around the restaurant’s opening and engage with Gen Z audiences, Louis Vuitton teamed up with local rapper Ma Siwei to create an original song titled “Shazi Fan” or “What’s Your Style” at the day before the event.

On the morning of the restaurant’s opening, Louis Vuitton launched an interactive mini-game on Wechat called “Mah Jump”, which takes its name from Chengdu’s popular mahjong culture.

mah jump

The game takes the player through major themes reflecting Chengdu today, including traditional and modern city walks, hotpot and nightlife experiences, tea culture in Qingcheng Mountain, and slow life.

A month before the launch of The Hall, Vuitton added Chengdu as a new destination to the Louis Vuitton City Guides. The brand recruited world-renowned Chinese architect Liu Jiakun as guest editor of Chengdu City Guide.

Based in his hometown of Chengdu, Liu has created some of the city’s most famous works, including the sprawling Chengdu MoCA in the high-tech zone and the iconic West Village, an open-courtyard-style mixed-use space in northwest of Chengdu.

The Hall is Louis Vuitton’s fifth hotel venture in the past two years and fourth in the Asian market. Michael Burke, chairman and CEO of Vuitton, hinted that more restaurants and even hotels could be in the works for the megabrand.

In 2020, Louis Vuitton opened its first Vuitton Café and restaurant in its flagship store in Osaka, Japan, followed by an LV Café and chocolate shop a year later in the Ginza Namiki flagship store in Tokyo.

In March this year, the brand opened a pop-up restaurant in the Gangnam district of Seoul, Korea. This summer, the French luxury giant opened a seasonal restaurant called Mory Sacko close to a Louis Vuitton store in Saint-Tropez.

Later this month, Vuitton will open the LV Dream space at its Paris headquarters, which will include a café and chocolate factory run by Maxime Frédéric, the pastry chef of the neighboring Cheval Blanc Paris hotel which, like Vuitton, is owned by the conglomerate. luxury LVMH. Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton.

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