McDonald’s celebrates New Years in Japan with special lucky bag

Fukubukuro fast food is a feast for the eyes and the stomach!

One of the most popular fukubukuro lucky bags you can buy in Japan on New Years comes from the fast food giant McDonald’s. Not only are the bags reasonably priced at 3,000 yen (US $ 26.02) each, but they also contain free vouchers worth more than that amount, as well as a host of special-branded merchandise that are generally not offered for sale.

It’s such a great deal that the bags are sold through an advance lottery system, and our reporter Shawn was one of the lucky few who had the privilege of purchasing one.

So let’s go ahead and take a look at what he got inside the bag!

â–¼ First, a black backpack from the messenger bag specialists Manhattan Portage.

Discover the expertly designed fries on the logo!

Shawn was thrilled to find this unexpected treasure in his lucky bag, so he immediately put it on his shoulders to try it out.

Merge street fashion with fast food.

Unzipping the bag revealed that it not only looked good, it was also functional, as it was actually insulated. Perfect for keeping hot items warm or cold items cold on the go.

The next item in Shawn’s loot was a “Light pot», Also created in collaboration with Manhattan Portage.

“Pote” is the abbreviation for “potato”, as McDonald’s calls it fries in Japan. And that’s exactly what this product looks like, even though the “fries” look like the Manhattan skyline…

▼… and they light up at the push of a button!

The next step is a McDonald’s x Manhattan Portage zbackpack.

â–¼ The collection is completed with a “long cup”, also with Manhattan Skyline French Fries.

And now we come to the section where Shawn gets all his money back – with the free vouchers. There were 10 in total, giving him free nuggets, burgers and fries, worth a total of 3,130 yen.

Considering Shawn spent 3,000 yen on the bag, that was a lot, and that meant all the goods in the bag were basically free. If you’re looking for a fukubukuro that will make you smile, you can’t walk past the McDonald’s lucky bag, and they will be happy to put a smile on your face after New Years too!

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