McDonald’s collaboration with BTS; Here’s how much the fast food chain staked on Kpop stars

McDonald’s launched the BTS meal last week as part of its celebrity menu collaborations. This time around, the world-famous fast food chain has chosen the world’s largest group, and many wonder how much the company was able to spend to hire the South Korean boy group.

It was previously reported that BTS is one of the most expensive brand endorsers these days, and McDonald’s hired them. And it might even be more costly since the approval deal is not only in the local market but worldwide.

How much did McDonald’s bet on the BTS collaboration deal?

The Korea Times reported that industry insiders have said that for national or local deals alone, BTS is paid between £ 3 billion or $ 2.69 million and £ 5 billion or $ 4.48 million. McDonald’s promotion with the seven-member group targets 50 countries, so it was estimated that they would earn around environ 10 billion or nearly $ 9 million or more.

But then again, despite the steep fee to hire BTS as the latest artist for their celebrity menu collaboration, the company isn’t wasting a dime as McDonald’s has been proven to make the right decision to feature BTS. In fact, its teaming up with the World’s Most Popular Band has been said to be paying off due to the band’s strong fan base around the world.

The BTS is also the best because it has helped improve the image of McDonald’s which has been marred in recent times by quality and management issues. The partnership is certainly a huge plus for the burger joint, and that means he spent his money well on the endorsement deal. It has been reported that the goal of the fast food giant is to promote its brand and attract the 34 million BTS fans around the world.

“We are excited to present the new McDonald’s menu item in collaboration with BTS who are huge fans of our food,” said a McDonald’s official at the launch of BTS Meal. “We hope this collaboration will give us the opportunity to connect with BTS fans.”

BTS Meal and merchandise promo

The BTS Meal is available in many countries, and in the US it will be in stores until June 20 only. It’s already available in South Korea and by June the number of regions will reach 50, and there is a timeline for the promotion to launch and end.

USA today reported that in the United States, McDonald’s will also be launching a new TV commercial featuring BTS’s latest English song, “Butter.” Thanks to the fast food app, customers will also be entitled to unique digital surprises every week. Finally, McDonald’s BTS catering products such as bathrobes and socks will also be sold in restaurants as well as in the Weverse store.

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