McDonald’s employee leaves fast food fans furious after explaining drive-thru trick

A McDonald’s employee has left people furious after unraveling a controversial drive-thru secret.

The worker, who shares the tricks of the trade on social media site TikTok, has left fast food fanatics so scared they have vowed to never order some favorites again.

Some of the secrets, from hidden cameras to recording private conversations, put some junk food fans off for life.

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Speaking to TikTok, @secretfitzz revealed that while we were sitting there in last night’s makeup, simmering in our hangover grime, Maccies’ drive-thru was actually taking secret snapshots of our unsuspecting mugs. And, not only that, they also listen to our conversations.

“The fact that people don’t know that we can hear your convos even when we’re not talking to you while taking your order,” the TikToker explained.

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“And we have a camera over the speaker that takes a picture of you so we know who owns the order.”

She added: “Seeing pictures of random people made my day.”

Our partner site, the Mirror, reports that many people panicked that their monstrous ID photos and secret conversations were readily available to McDonald’s employees.

“If this is true, I will never go back,” commented one TikToker, while another added: “New fear unlocked: Drive-thrus.”

Meanwhile, a third joked, “How can you hear my convo when you can’t hear me screaming into the mic from two inches away?”

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