Meals in fast food restaurants will resume

Meals in fast food restaurants will resume next week.

Health and Welfare Minister Ian Gooding-Edghill in his maiden address to the nation announced a change to the current COVID-19 directive which expires on January 31.

“With respect to the COVID directive, the only change will be the resumption of on-site dining in restaurants provided that all infection, prevention and controls are in place. The current directive expires on Monday and the new COVID directive will be dated. ‘duration of two weeks,” Gooding-Edghill said.

During her brief remarks, Gooding-Edghill praised her predecessor, Lt. Col. Jeffrey Bostic, for being at the helm during the pandemic. He also praised medical professionals for successfully managing alpha, delta, and now, omicron waves.

Gooding-Edghill clarified that the Department of Health is focused on expanding the Best Dos Santos laboratory and noted that the focus will be on managing isolation and quarantine in institutions and at home. He urged Barbadians to follow universal COVID measures.

The new health minister has assured the public that he will be engaged and engaged.

“I also assure the nation that as Minister of Health and Welfare, I will also carry forward the ministry’s agenda for non-COVID health care such as mental health reform, non-communicable diseases , climate change, improving the delivery of primary health care, environmental health and vectors control, promoting a good working environment, promoting policies and programs to support healthy lifestyles across all sectors of our community and improving operations in polyclinics, psychiatric, geriatric and Queen Elizabeth hospitals.We have already demonstrated our clear resolve to see this pandemic through.

“It is an undeniable honor to be entrusted with this Ministerial responsibility for Health and Wellness.”

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