Miami Mayor and Commissioners Join Local Restaurant to Help Ukrainian Refugees – NBC 6 South Florida

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and several city commissioners will join local restaurant owners in launching a campaign to help refugees fleeing violence in Ukraine.

Suarez, along with commissioners Ken Russell, Joe Carollo and Manolo Reyes, will be joined by the owners of Baires Grill in Miami on Tuesday to announce the effort.

Part of the campaign will be to help provide refugees with transportation, housing, and employment in the United States after leaving their home country.

South Florida has shown its support for Ukraine since Russian soldiers invaded the county.

Dozens of people gathered outside the Cuban memorial in Tamiami Park last Sunday for a rally of support. The rally was organized by the Cuban Resistance Assembly.

“We gathered here today in a community rally to support Ukraine’s right to self-government,” said one participant. “The right of Ukraine to have its democratic sovereignty because its individual freedom depends on it.”

The difficult situation in Ukraine sounds familiar to many exiles who attended the rally.

“Ukrainians are fighting for the same as Cubans, Nicaraguans, Venezuelans. For the right to govern yourself, the right to be free, the right to decide in your own nation,” said another participant.

“It’s something that is close to our hearts. Our people have suffered and we see the people of Ukraine suffering right now,” said a participant at the rally. “When I see the children, the mothers. When I see the old people, my heart breaks. It’s like we’re all Ukrainians.

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