Modern Market Launches National Franchise Growth Strategy

Modern market restaurant, a franchisor and fast casual restaurant operator focused on making affordable, convenient and delicious nutritious foods, is strategizing to become the best market franchise opportunity for you. Billed as one of the only true health-conscious franchises in the fast-paced casual space, Modern Market is built for continued success with impressive sales that exceeded month-to-month expectations in 2021. This, coupled with conceptual innovation, proprietary technology, pricing strategies and workforce efficiency illustrate the value of investing in the modern franchise market for qualified prospects.

Brands within an industry are the ones that define it, but they have also had to go through some important transitions this year and will continue to do so as the world returns to normal after the pandemic. As an industry leader, Modern Market has built innovation into all of its strategies since its inception, but also strives to differentiate the overall brand from its competitors. The pandemic has caused a resurgence of fast casual and the modern market has been groomed for success as the perfect fusion of farm-to-table and fast food.

“We see ourselves as the leader of the next generation players accelerating the inevitable,” said Rob McColgan, CEO of Modern Market. “Faster food can be better – every day we seek to revolutionize the fast food industry and provide a ‘modern definition’ of fast food. “

This year to date, Modern Market has recorded substantial profitability performance with even stronger momentum for the remainder of 2021. The fast casual brand has seen significant improvements in cost prices as well as Double-digit growth in the SSS in the first half of the year, with recent periods seeing an increase of over 25% compared to 2019. The brand’s off-premises sales are up over 80%, while on-site dining is also growing steadily. As a percentage of last year’s sales, on-site sales are + 167% and slowly starting to hit 2019 levels. With this significant growth, Modern Market is actively seeking strong franchise partners to grow the brand in underserved metropolitan areas as well as small communities where its healthy food fills a gap in the market.

“The pandemic is not the only reason consumers seek and continue to seek sustainable and healthy food options,” said McColgan. “As people return to their busy lives and eat more in restaurants, they want nourishing foods that they can feel good about. We believe there are untapped markets for these exact food options – luckily, they have long been iconic items on our menu. “

By keeping the pulse of industry trends, Modern Market finds ways to incorporate creative strategies and take an omnichannel approach – another added value for potential franchise partners. The brand invests in the right technology to deliver safe ordering systems for the modern restaurant as well as digitally managed kitchens, while delivering an unmatched level of customer service. They also launched a gourmet virtual pizza concept in late 2020 called Honest Pizza Company – an additional revenue stream capable of using existing kitchen infrastructure. The virtual concept now works in 15% restaurants with deployment plans to all locations by the end of this year. Further development in non-traditional locations is also a top priority after the current partnership with the Notre Dame University student center was extended for five years due to popular demand for the brand and sales of the partner. Modern Market’s long-standing licensees at Denver International Airport have been on a positive trajectory. post-pandemic.

“While owner integrations have been at the forefront of all our efforts, we also pride ourselves on our unbeatable level of hospitality. It’s at the heart of everything we do and instilled in every team member, license partner and franchise candidate, ”McColgan shares. “Our brand is designed to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our customers while providing delicious and nutritious food at a reasonable price. “

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